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How to unlock Bully?


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Hey all


For the wiki I am trying to make a very nasty character.

One of the things is that I am trying to chart the Bully Skill Tree. Which means I need to unlock that damn thing without using any of it's skills yet. (I cannot see if something is the subskill or the parent skill if it's the third skill I'm training)


Anyone know of spells, phemes or other certain ways to unlock Insult and Interrogation?

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There are a few random events that unlock interrogation. For the insults, you get skillpoints for being in one of the law related location abilities which is certain to unlock it. I'll see what it is in a few minutes, actually.


Oh yeah, it's the Listen to the Arguments action, it's on Lesser Court of Civil Law location. You can get it by starting with Courts discovery. And by Civil Law skill, I presume.

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