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Can you clarify- where are you mousing over Stress? We have no implemented a mouse over for Stress Maximum as yet, so it's...surprising to hear this. :)


By any chance do you mean the Stress Bonus, in the Confirmation Window? If so, that enables you to type in how much Stress you would like to use on a given Action, to help it be more successful. Many times it is grey, in which case you cannot change this value at all. That is not your Stress Maximum, however.



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I have that same issue. It's just like the Vitality Maximum- it's like the code got slipped over- only it always is set at 0.


It would be nice to see it work. I usually select the bonus beginning trait that's +2 Vit Max and +1 Stress Max. I admit I'd probably use it to just keep myself below my stress max in hopes of being constantly Alert. >.>

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