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So, which College you prefer, and why?


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I am in Aranaz, since it is the best college. We are the best. Go Aranaz, go! *Ahem*


Default subjects are so so. Calligraphy is cool (mostly because it has Orthography), History not so cool. Both are almost useless in day to day skill checks. But well, we are going for the classical education. My only gripe is that since my character chose to study several magical schools at once (namely Glamour, Revision and Enchant plus Dialectics for good measure), I can't also add Grammar and Rhetoric to the schedule. My character would love to have some additional classes on them. Do you hear me developers? My character is weeping for some extra lessons.


Our motto is delicious. Our college history is alluring. Order and perfection for the win.

Most important of all, we have great people. I am blessed to have such interesting people as Aveline Cincebeaux, Carmine Sturzo and Emilia Strolin as my friends. Emilia in particular is my most favourite character in the entire school. Oh, I would love to have more events with her. Yes. She is that good.


I also like Aranaz's choice of color for the portraits. The color is pretty important I think. Blue ones are the best. Green is decent. While orange and brown make most of the characters look ugly. Then again maybe it's because we are competing with Hedi and Vernin. Or maybe not.




As for the merits, I think it greatly depends on your game. I have seen Hedi, Morvidus and Vernin take the lead in the beginning. But if I use two whole days to generate lots of merit, so that my college takes the lead, we stay in the lead. If you are in the lead your students work harder to generate point, at least from my expirience. I don't know if this is by design, but I think this is a great feature, since you can be in any college and make it stay in the lead, even thouth usually your college would lose by points. Your effort really matters, and you can be in the winning college. That's a double win.

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My current college is Aranaz solely for the DLC ahead. Plus, it's one of strong college so I can Compete a few times and no more. God, Hedi got sorely pressed I had to drop classes to get more merit.


Anyway, History is fun. It and Research are two easy ways to get solutions quick for random adventures. Plus the course work is huge.


And yes, classwork is a bit too short. At Chemaire my Revision stand at 10 with only Rev spell at 5. And that's classwork alone, no train.


I wonder how Year 2 skilltree and classwork will progress from here. I choose History also because class will still teach more at the later months. But spell classes, natural science class (arith, geo) and social science (dia, gram) seem so small.

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