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10 hours ago, Schwarzbart said:

There wont be any new addition to year 1 from BCS and adding new skills via mod, if at all possible, will most likely cause problems if we ever get year 2. As sad it is your late by at last 2 year or there would be the chance that BCS added a new skill to DLC 17 if you have designed it.

Yeah, I wasn't really thinking of that when I wrote that wall of text. The idea of Warrior skills which could weave into magical combat got me excited enough that I forgot about the date. :P

7 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Adding Skills by Mod *should* be OK for Y2, but Schwarzbart is correct in that there are no plans for a new DLC for Y1, alas!

I'm willing to sit down and learn how to mod, but I checked the modding tools thread and it seems a number of the required components are missing links. I don't think I've seen any tutorials either, so I'm kind of lost on where to begin my great journey to mod Warrior skills into the game.

6 hours ago, Schwarzbart said:

I don't think we have anyone here who already tried her/his luck in adding a skill via mod. It is for sure no easy work as you at last need to make the abilities, lore and skill it self and then you have to decide on ways to unlock this skill that would work with the 1.0 Version of Academagia and the last DLC as well without creating any problems. Because we only can work with Version 1.0 as base for our mods we can't access any in DLC and CP added or changed material from BCS with our mods. Beside this there are also some incompatibility between the mod tools we have and Windows Versions newer then XP.

Well I'm certainly willing to try, even though I know absolutely nothing about coding or the tools yet. At least, I'll try until I realise how difficult it is and inevitably give up.

I have no issue with simply writing lore and descriptions, but I'm guessing the real work lies in the implementation and compatibility?

Would you have any recommendation on where to start?

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My recommendation for where to start would be to hold out hope that Y2 and it's mod tools can do what the Y1 mod tools can't, because as things stand meaningfully adding a new set of skills to the game would be hard if not impossible. You could, in theory, add skills to the game, but getting those skills to do anything in, say, events/adventures would be the borderline impossible part.

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Get your hand on the Mod Tool it self and the 1.0 AMO (Sorry I have no link for them). After starting the Mod Tool go to File - Create Mod enter the name of your mod and say yes to create a new one. In the next file select you need to select the Academagia 1.0.0.amo as the base for your mod. Once this is done you have to set the Properties (under File) where Name is how the Mod is named in the ingame selector. You have all the info from version 1.0.0 stored in your amm file now and you more or less direct edit what is there. Once your finished with your edit and have made sure you have changed/added everything you want to change and have absolut not changed anything else you best close the mod tool and open it again. To make your mod usable for the game you now need to go to Tools - Publish Mod. There select your mod, then select the Academagia 1.0.0.amo and last name how the mod should be called. After this is done the tool usually need many hours to compare the amo with your mod for the changes you made with your mod but afterward you have your mod that you can test with the game and hope there is no issue. Also keep in mind that because the game it self make temporary files from all the mod you have ever loaded that in case there is a problem or you want to add something to the mod you either need to change the name in Files-Properties or delete the temporary files of the game (Yes the temporary files are based on how you called your mod in Properties that why I told you that naming the mod in Properties it is one of the first thing you need to do).

With the exception of the edit part it self this should be how you do a mod.

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22 minutes ago, Rhialto said:

@Metis: Were you not the one who wrote the Synchronicity adventure? Surely that involved implementing the Synchronicity Subskills.

He created the Adventure but the Skill was actual created by the team. I think it was CremePudding who created Dispassion and to my knowledge it is the only Player created skill so far. 


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