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[Resolved] selling & identifying things - i suspect it's a bug...


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I gathered some uncommon plants, and then went to shop in order to sell them. Everything seemed to be ok, but when I clicked "sell" button, my money didn't change, and the plants appered in the shop invetory. I feel a bit cheated because of that :( Why did that happen? Is it ok or is it a bug?


And there one more thing, if we talk about gatherinh plants, the things look like this: I find several plants of the same kind (e.g. sassdrake), but I have to identify each one separately. I think it would be more logical if the identification applied to whole kind of the same items, not only a single specimen.

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Which Patch are you currently using?


I agree about Identification- we'll see if we can get that changed to Identification of the overall Item Template, and not just the Item Instance.


Actually, it was save of the totally un-patched game, so I suspect that the bug doesn't exist in the newer versions. Thanks anyway :)

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