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Kapsus Month - There is another month?


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I don't know why, but apparently there is a whole new week/month after the final exams that my game doesn't appear to load.


Normally it ends after kaliri, but if I go back far enough and click through the weeks fast enough I end up in a Kapsus week. However when I go back one week it doesn't show up anymore. Then it simply states the fourth week of Kaliri is the final week and it also ends the game.


Is it a bug or supposed to be so? I tried it in all my old saves, but it appears to be happening.


Though I still have to check it with the new patch and content.


EDIT: I can't seem to replicate it after the patches.


Still there is a slight chance that could be a bug. Since it would make more sense to have a final week after the exams. A week to rest and finish the final things of the year before you go home.

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Hey that is great news to hear.


Does that also mean the second year will be longer?

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0.o I hadn't even thought about such things yet.


Which is another reminder of how much detail you have put into each and every thing I guess.


Anyway it is great to hear you will have the summer period to struggle through. (which explain why it wouldn't be added as dlc. And I just realise it would be bad for the mod, but that is irrelevant.)


Care to give us a little hint what we can expect during the summer vacation?

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