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I'll stop hijacking others' topics now :)


A) Am I right in considering that, unless specifically described (like in most spells) by an attribute/skill, a roll made uniquely on a skill will integrate the default attribute?


For example, in an adventure, having an "observation" option open will actually be a Charm/Observation.


B)What's up with that, by the way? I understand that it's easier/more clear to make the subskills have the same related attribute as the parent skill, but when you end up with observation under charm... or even better, dating under intelligence? pure luck under... strength? It can be a bit counter intuitive :)


C)As a last thing, granted, I've only linked 126 skills with their attributes in my database so far, but 37 are under Intelligence and 34 under Insight... are all of the missing skills purely on the five others (ranging from 8 to 15 attributions each so far), or can it really be that intelligence/insight are quite overpowered?

Unless my A) is a wrong assumption, of course :)

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Assumption A is quite correct. You can check evidence by do stuffs with Champion's Room (+2 to all stats).


And it depended on what you usually use. Astrology is one of favourites and it use Luck wh ich make it damn hard to level up (my Luck also stay at 1 unless I get some abilities). Almost all the mind/mental tools belong to Int, Ins groups. But if you ever want Artifice, meaning forge/write/create you will need Fitness/Finesse. Or do the full explore thingy.

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Another question on rolls.


I had assumed, given the seemingly default mechanics of attributes being 'maxed' (with exceptions) at 10, that the roll was a simple 1d10+stat+skill+bonus. What actually is the roll, though?

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Seems to be:


1dA+skill+bonus+hidden parameters


1dA being a dice ranging from 1 to 2xAttribute.



As a side note, I've now normally got the breakdown of the repartition of all skills/subskills under their attribute:


Fitness 15

Finesse 18

Charm 16

Strength 11

Intelligence 57

Insight 43

Luck 19


Intelligence is a clear winner, followed by Insight, leaving the rest behind by far.


Fun thing is, only Enchant (Insight) and Revision (Intelligence) are under the biggest attributes, spellcasting seems to definitely be an out of mind matter :D

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Thank you, Legate. So your attribute really won't matter much, except as it relates to how easy it is to train up your skills. Getting 30+ is mostly a matter of maxing your skill and piling on the bonuses.


Erthael, yeah, I saw that Intelligence and Insight were generally best for skill maxing. You get some nice Astrology spells, too, though, which I think falls under insight.


Slightly off-topic question. Since maxing the bonuses is so important, how are we supposed to train our familiars since none of the skills that increase their bond seem to be working? I know that it's supposed to be fixed in patch 4, but the familiar is a big part of the game for me. It really bummed me when I started a new game under the latest patch, got a faux dragon for my familiar and couldn't increase its bond at all. :D


Edited for correct grammar and punctuation. (My mother is an English teacher.)

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Wow, you'd best be careful with service like that! I might start failing my temperance rolls and start asking for bigger and better things. Like chapter 2 next week or something.


Thank you!

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