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Obviously, this is to be expanded, and everything is Work In Progress.


- update 1 - Professor CogSpring r.event and items


- Random Events -


Professor CogSpring


This is the best day of your life! You have been waiting for this moment for days...no, for weeks!


Finally, your collector's edition Professor Cogspring BattleMace ™ miniature has arrived! With this beautiful centerpiece, your army will finally be complete. Sure, BattleMace ™ is expensive, and for some they are just pieces of enchanted plastic, but for you they are much more...


Now you just need to assemble it, paint it, let it dry, paint it again, and it will be ready to crush your plastic enemies beneath its plastic heel!


You carefully unpack and clean each piece (all 67 of them) take a big (yet careful) sigh, and prepare for the task ahead; BattleMace ™ figurines are notoriously hard to assemble, some say even impossible without magic...


Skill: Incantation

You think of all the figures you've successfully put together (and those you haven't) with the help of some Incantation spells (and the useful, yet slightly expensive BattleMace ™ accessories), so this shouldn't be any harder, right?


Success: After 25 minutes your masterpiece is almost ready! Professor Cogspring already looks menacing with the +2 battlewand of Revision and his enchanted +1 Goggles of Negation! A few more well placed spells and he's good to go. You proudly hold your little creation in your palm, he is a truly fearsome plastic wizard.

You gain: Professor Cogsrping


Failure: After 25 minutes of sweat and tears you are just unable to put it together. The figure has so many details so many little parts, that whenever you put two of them together with a spell, another three falls apart. With a sad sigh you take apart what you've managed to spell together (not much to be honest), then put the parts carefully back in their box. Professor CogSrping will just have to waita little longer...

You gain: Parts of Professor CogSpring


Skill: Forge

Sure magic is fine, but BattleMace ™ is not about magic! It's about feeling each part with your fingers, finding out how each limb should bend...it's more of a journey than a task! You ready your (slightly) expensive BattleMace ™ accessories and dive into it.


Success: After countless minutes you are almost finished, the only thing remaining now is the +3 Backpack of Blackmail and Botany. You carefully glue the little plastic artifact to the back of the Professor then let it dry for a couple of minutes. With a smile you put the finished figure next to your bed...

You gain: Professor Cogspring


Failure: You should have used magic. Your fingers are just wasn't ready for this journey...you sadly (but carefully) put the pieces back in their box.

You gain: Parts of Professor CogSpring


Skill: Brute Strength

Some say BattleMace ™ figures are almost impossible assemble without the aid of magic, but you say that's nonsense. What you need is some good ol' fashioned bravery, skill and patience.


Success: After two and a half hours you manage to glue the final piece to the Professor, his +2 Mechanical Arm of Metallurgy, but as soon as you ready yourself for your well-deserved victory cry, you break off the arm. Well...he still looks awesome...


You gain: Professor CogSpring injured in Battle


Failure: Bravery, skill and patience. You seem to lack all three today. You've managed to glue all the parts together, but what stands before you is deffinetely not Professor CogSpring. Well...it still looks kind of cool...


You gain: Plastic Figure with Glue on it


- Items -


Professor CogSpring: The fearsome leader of your BattleMace ™ armies, equipped with more gadgets than limbs, you are sure to beat anyone on campus with him!

+ 1 courage

+ 1 school survival


Parts of Professor CogSrping: The highly detailed resin parts of Professor CogSpring. All 67 of them. You still need to put them together somehow...

+ 1 materials knowledge

+ 1 concentration


Professor CogSpring injured in Battle: The fearsome leader of your BattleMace ™ armies, equipped with more gadgets than limbs, especially now that you have broken off his arm.

+ 1 courage


Plastic Figure with Glue on it: This was supposed to be Professor CogSpring, but now it's a huge pile of menacing looking plastic parts held together by the ridiculous amount of glue you have used. The only use you can think for it is to throw it at someone who is chasing you...

+ 2 escape artist


- Familiar -


- Venerable Patrician

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Heh I love how you expanded it and while I am thinking that perhaps we can introduce such a game into a mod, I have a quick question;


How do the items work? Do you have to equip them like books and in which slot?


Just curious cause I want to use them as well. (items in general, not yours)

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I was thinking that they could provide the bonuses just by having them with you (even in your locker).


On the longer run however (modding tools) my idea is to add a new skillset (BattleMace), which you would be unable to train or increase by usual methods, but rather the figures would give you the skill increases. This would mean that you could only succeed with the rolls based on the skills if you have the required amount/type of figures.


This could simulate the whole collecting figures theme without "real" modding...

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While I doubt the first one will work (as far as I know items need to be equipped before they give advantages, or at least in your knapsack) I do like the second idea.


If that is possible I would definitely want to have it in the mod and perhaps even multiple games from which you can choose. Keep me posted on the progress.

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