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Is the skill level max taking?


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Not sure If I'm just failing to do that last training, but ...


A few times (two I'm sure of) I've increased a skill maximum then skill been unable to train it to 11.


Th most recent was when I got decipher handwriting to a 10. It said


You increased your Cryptology Skill level Maximum by 1.


I then tried using train and locations to increase Cryptology from 10 to 11. No luck. Clicking on the ability still says it's at maximum. I tried boosting my cryptology with a spell. I made it a 14 then it said I had 0 of 1 to expand it, but still can't seem to expand it that last step.

(this was on consolidated patch after a fresh install)


The previous instance I'm sure I couldn't increase was Theory of Mastery Skill from the Theory of Mastery research. (this was patch2)



Is it actually increasing the max. Can we get feedback on what our maximum actually is? And can the x of x to expand reflect our actual maximums and not just our current boosted skill?

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