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Oh, there aren't any new portraits, at least not so far as I am aware; my apologies for not being clearer. I meant that the DLC's portraits were overriding the ones I changed in the game's OfficialContent-->Resources folder. But it's actually not a problem -- I realised that the portrait files associated with the DLC are in the CacheV3 folder in the ProgramData folder for Academagia, under either the "9e7817f5-e996-4b3d-8306-64151e6e5159" folder or the "ee6e198e-1643-4805-afa4-9d638564e236" folder, and so I replaced their entries in both of them with my own. I'm pleased to say that the portraits were effectively and easily replaced and showing up in-game, even with the DLC active.


I'm feeling a bit of chagrin that I found the solution to my problem so shortly after posting about it here, but oh well.

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Well, That's a bizarre problem, but I'm glad you solved it. And don't worry about the thread necro. Reviving the dead is not strictly illegal, though perhaps slightly unnerving to the public.

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Yep, you got it Luxembourg. In addition you don't "need" to replace the portraits in the cashe, though it is a good way to do it. If you wish to save time (though not harddrive space) you can delete the cashe. The game will remake it again, using the portraits that you changed in the /officialcontent/resources/ folder.


Hope you enjoy!

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Finally finished my run. Loved the game, but was a little disappointed by the limited character portraits.

So, I used the existing portraits to create my own, and since I put some effort to create them I might as well share them.

I leave these here if someone else wants to use them.



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