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What is this clique pop-up screen?


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While playing through a day, an unrelated screen popped up. It had 3 columns. On the left was Ausdauer Mollers. In the middle was everyone else. On the left was Joanna the Beast Girl (can't remember her last name). At the bottom were two boxes, each one followed by either Ausdauer or Joanna's name. Each student was shaded an orangey color. There was no explanation.


I took a screen shot, but the pop-up didn't show, only the background screen.


Random clicking highlighted (white) Ausdauer, Joanna and a random student in the middle column. I could not get them to shade again.


When I got to the day's tally, nothing was made about anyone in my clique other than the normal stuff (what they did for that day).


Suggestion? Pop-ups like this should tell you what you're expected to do.

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I am not sure- you can check by looking at your Clique to see who is still in it. I'm not completely sure what highlighting them both will do- probably chooses the last one highlighted.


I forgot to save that day else I'd go back and check and let you know. I'm fairly certain they were all on there. I went back to the save before I friended Joanna. I knew she'd be a troublemaker!


I'm curious. Can cliques compete? For example, Clique A hated Clique B so they target them specifically? Can Cliques merge if the relationship levels are high enough between all characters?


I keep discovering more about this game. It's fun. :D

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Cliques can compete, but not merge.


Thanks! We're glad you are enjoying it. :)



Cool. I look forward to some gang warfare! Any plans to enable merging of cliques down the road? I had to break up one clique because I wanted a member. That's fine if my character is "mean," but "nice" characters would probably go for the Borg approach.

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There are actions that will improve relations with several students at once. I can't recall any that boost clique-clique relations, though. That would be rather powerful!


Boosting relations with a few students at once seems like it ought to be sufficient anyways. Most NPC cliques only get to 2-3 individuals.

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