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Leaving a clique?


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Early on in the school year one of my classmates succeeded in using Befriend on me. That would be great, except that I don't want to be his friend. Or rather, I would be happy to be his friend, but not be in his clique. I'm finding it pretty limiting, and now nobody else will be my friend.


Is there some way for me to leave a clique? It seems odd that there wouldn't be, but I haven't found a way to do it yet.

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I'm sorry to zombify an old thread, but I'm having this problem again and I never have figured out what skills might extricate me from a clique, without destroying my friendships in the process if at all possible. What should I be training? Does anyone know?





There are a few ways you can leave a Clique- the Society Skill line has one that is fairly accessible, from memory.


A more direct way will be to lower your Relationship with the Student in question below 0. Your Clique will then break up of its own accord, after a brief time.

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