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Positive Alteration of Organic Matter - cant select Target


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From the Description of "Positive Alteration of Organic Matter" the caster sould be able to select a target that is damaged and get the +5 Skill to him self. Sadly the Field where you sould be able to selcet the target for the damagepart is fixed for the caster.

Also casting the spell in the text in Resoults of the Day says "You damage Yourself for 5" but my Vitality didnt drop.

(Patch 3/3a CP1)

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Ok just haved the vitality problem again with positive alteration of Matter.

My Vittality max is 18 my curent Vitality bevor casting this spell was 13 and I end up with Vitality 13 at the end of the day.

Actions this day Attend Class, Cast the Spell at The Stone of Revision and the Adventure Prison Break in The Champion Room (using the Negation Spell path and successed) also I got the Rimbal 9 Event that I successful ended with the Compete option

I pack the saves bevore the processing and afterward together and upload them.

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