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Is there a limit to modifications on a single spell


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Besides the built it it gets too hard to cast, is there a limit to the number of phemes, skill bonuses a single spell can do?


Is there a limit on how much the spell can boost a skill? (I seemed like +9 was the limit when I tried earlier)


I think that I succeeded in casting a spell and ended up not getting all the skill boosts that I tacked onto it. (I was using a test/cheat student at the time w/ 100 on stats)

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I was wrong. You can add a bunch, but adding phemes to spells sometimes doesn't take.


I got a 9 anatomy pheme to boost anatomy 18. I cast

Deep Breaths with

Alteration 9

Between 9

Anatomy 9


resulting in

Enchant Parent 1->10

Revision Parent 12 -> 21

Revision Methods 11-> 20

Revision Phemes 10 (unaltered)

Revision Spells 8 -> 17

Theory of Revision 11 -> 20



but often adding phemes dissappear after saying confirm.


I tried building

Deep Breaths with

Alteration 9

Between 9

Tangible 9


I found that the act of scrolling down to tangible would erase alteration and between from my spell. (if I scrolled back up before hitting confirm they would still be listed as in the spell, but they were not there when I hit the execute schedule brown button.


I found I could get it if I added the 3. A and B would drop. I came back in to defining the spell and added alteration and between without scrolling down to tangible and all 3 stuck.

The exact same thing happened when just trying to add 1 of each.



Is adding to 3 subskills with a spell supposed to add to the parent? It doesn't seem to be above.


So there is no max, but at least I have disappearing phemes.


(further experiments let a spell with Alteration 9 and Restoration 9 give me a 30 revision, but I did have to re-add alteration)

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Oh and Alteration says it increases Revision Spells by 2 but it only does by 1.


Hmm, It did not increase the parent in the case above. I had 3 skills min 17 +9 spell bonus +2 revision passive from mastery should be 28 not 21. It is because phemes was being used as one of the 3 before?

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Something odd here. I tried doing it in Althetics


Deep Breaths with Accuracy 9 Muscle 9

boosted althetics way too much

Athletics 9 -> 43!

Archery 3->21

Compete 6

Running 11->14

Swim 6

Wrestling 6-> 15

and I'll send you the save soon as I upload it.

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Just chiming in to say I also experience the pheme selection problem so it's not an isolated incident.


If you back out and reselect them a zillion and one times you eventually get what you want. Really annoying, though.


Glad I searched for this and looking forward to Patch 5. :)

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