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Typos and such in Patch 4


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In the description of Mineta: The Seven Stars Tavern - Enjoy Free Ginger Ale and Cake is vague about whether it grants an Increase or Expansion.


The "Enjoy a Meal at the Seven Stars" action says Increases, but it should be Expand, shouldn't it?


Both appear under "Abilities" but neither is in the "Use Ability" menu. I don't have enough Pims for Enjoy a Meal, so maybe that's why it isn't showing, but I think the Free action should be there.

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no unlocks for level 10

No unlock is mentioned when the skill step is given for level 5, but in "Matters of Concern to You" it says I gained "Hidden Pockets" and "Stylish Stitch" though neither are usable

Level 8 and 9 give "Shirt of Many Pockets" and "Ripple Cloak" which I guess are recipes, but they have no description and don't appear in the recipes list

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Thanks! We'll see how many of these we can close in DLC1.


Both Hidden Pockets and Stylish Stitch are passive Abilities, and correctly do not appear under 'Use Ability'. However, there is an unrelated problem with Hidden Pockets, and that will need to be reworked.


Okay, I think both of those abilities could use some work on their descriptions since they both sound Active (to me, anyway):


For Stylish Stitch "you are now able to improve your own Glamour Skill" makes it sound like you've gained an active ability to boost your skill. It also doesn't say how much of a boost you get.


Hidden Pockets says that it "reduces the Concealability of a Choice Item" which makes it sound like it affects an item you have to choose rather than automatically affecting your own Concealability.

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Hmm... I hope this is the right pace to post this, sorry if it's not.


Chauranglaith Path: Cave doesn't appear even after it says I've discovered it.


That place where you forgery study seems to go faster (can't remember the name exactly... forgotten records cubicle?) doesn't seem to be working either.


What's the point of the item "Zoe's notes" it takes 2 time periods to use it and increases your study of a subject by 2 so isn't it the same as using study twice?

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Random Event Rhetoric 2:


Typo: "Professor Her" (Several instances)

Bug: Remember the problem where events were providing entire chunks of student biography rather than just a name? It showed up here, only for the item Stink Bomb, instead of a person

Bug: one of the students was refered to as (?), instead of a name.

Oddity: I picked the magic option to resolve the event, and it refered to my character using a specfic pheme (Evaporate) which he didn't know.


P.S. I'm taking notes on issues that arise as I play at the moment. Do you want bug/typo reports on the various repeated lores, or do you already have that one under control (e.g. Elumnian 2 unlocks both "Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian" and "Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian*").

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Gutross' House of History - The Early Empire (Shop)


The Early Empire: A Debated Chronolgy (item title)


Noimea's S... (item title)

Noemia's Spear (description)



Haejar Enthifal Cortath, Pages 23-27 (Shop)


Catalog of Ships: it mentions Famous Poetry twice as being increased. Correct or error?

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Okay, notes from my last game:



Random event arthmetic 3: "ProfessorValenta" (no space)

Random Event animal pen 3: You are really looking forward to His' class today

(Should introduce Prof before using his/him)

Random Event Morvidus Common Room 4: "Tthat", "If I hear anybody that we.."

Random Event Classroom 13: "MissEparvier" (Failed Acrobatics check)

Random Event Potions 4: Observation check introduces "Him" w/out introduction.

Familiar- Making the rounds of the acadamey: "slither" of cheese, rather than sliver

Making the mask, Guard Duty: These adventures refer to 'Academagia', rather than 'the



Guard Duty: The introductory text switches to italics about halfway through, and stays that




Lore: Werston Creast on Birds: "Would it not so showy"?

Lore: The Legend of the Man from a Distant land "...who murdered his rival. .He..."

Rule of Law: Blank Lore


Repeated lores:

Ancient Elumnan texts, translated to Oncestrian* (Has unwanted 1st line) (Elumnian 2)

Lecture on Elumian Language Structure*

Elumian Words Commonly used in Modern Spells*

On Music by Rieulle Chastellan* (Notation 1)

Grammar in Oncestrian Language* (No repeat?) (Oncestrian 2)

Lecture on Oncestrian Language Present in Magic* (Oncestrian 6)

Origins of common Oncestrian words* (Oncestrian 9)

Excerpt from the Article, The Merlien Accent*(Merilien 9)

Rimbal Plays II = Advertisment for Omimage Moccasins

Correctly Pronuncing Elumian Anatomy Terms* = Correctly pronouncing Elumnian anatomy: a





Random Event Homework 7: Get a Zoology option well before it's clear you're dealing with an


Random Event Grammar 2: Planning check reduces the options avaliable to intimidate

Random Event Rescue 3: Research doesn't open a new option.

Introductory Letter 6: 2 "Right, enough of Gera" exits



Random Event Defensive spells 1: "The spell to a very powerful spell" This is a very akward


Ice Pheme: Does it really need to mention that it's used in Revision three times over?


Holiday [The Sententae]: Picture misaligned. I'm not sure this is actually an event specific

bug; I recall encountering a misaligned picture another time before I started to take notes,

and I don't recall the picture being misaligned on this event last time.


Ability issues: (Description/effect mismatch)

Improved Familiar Handling: Expands 4 subskills, not 2

Compare grammar: No cooldown, but description claims one.

Charming cadences: Temporary expansion?

Narrow Focus: History claims +2 to two. Only pick one.

Air Fountain of Gineza Gano: End of description claims expansion of Glamor, actual abilities

are all passive increase



NPCs try to befriend self. Silly NPC

Can do the same adventure multiple times in one day (And succeed multiple times, too)

reprimanded for tresspassing while using Prof. Sido (And he explicitly grants visitation rights

the first tme you attend his tutoring)

Current Debate 12 (Bonuses) Steps to next level: 1. Can't increase

Daily report: Increased max. level for Calamities during History class. Still have Max 10.

Oddly, after loading the game later, History class later boosted Calamties to 11

Wand Amplification claims no roll required, but I still failed.

Corrin d'Alfi failed to cast True Friendship; Agan, no rolls required

There are ways of boosting your study level in a class you're not taking (e.g. Venicilum

libriary has an area that boosts Music study). This MOSTLY has no effect, but it seems that the

first time it happens, you get the perk for study level 1.


Feedback: No notice of losing an emotional state. Also, some emotonal states (Love) seem to be

connected to a specific NPC, but don't mention which NPC.


Balance issues

Venicilum Libriary linguistic section probably needs some perk compared to Prof. Sido: Both

give the same skill boosts, but Sido's tutoring also gives a relationship boost and visitation

rights. Also, I generally find Sido's tutoring unlocks earlier.

The imperial decree Parental Fidelity costs $100. It you $20. This is not a useful item

Stat boosting spells seem massively more powerful than stat boosting locations like the

Debating stone and the unmarked temple

Culiman shop: Empty?

I was reprimanded for skipping class while in infirmary. This seems harsh.

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Random Logician;


Excellent work, thank you- the majority of these will be closed in DLC 2, although some are already fixed in DLC 1 and Patch 5.


Almost all of the issues you touched on in the bugs section have been reported by other Academagians, but of special note was:


Succeeding at multiple of the same Adventure with success- we haven't seen this before, thank you.


We appreciate the hard work- thanks again!

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