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Skill-related issues


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1. There seems to be somethign really odd going on in my skill levelling. I tried searching the forum and can't seem to find it being mentioned elsewhere.


Basically, some of my sub-skills seem to get "stuck" at times. They seem to have more than enough skill steps to level up but it doesn't happen. For example, at the moment I have the following:


Revision Methods - 9. The message in the skill description says: "Needed for next level: 3 of 1"


Revision Phemes - 9. Needed for next level: 1 of 1.


Famous Speeches - 7. Needed for next level: 2 of 1.


Glamour Phemes - 5. Needed: 4 of 2


Theory of Glamour - 6. Needed 3 of 3.


Is this supposed to happen? I take classes in Revision, Rhetoric and Glamour, so my assumption is that the passive accumulation of the skill steps in my classes sometimes doesn't trigger skill level up. However, maybe I'm just missing something really obvious.


2. This may be a really stupid question but the description of the Meteorite says that having it in your posession increases Materials Knowledge by 2. This didn't seem to work for me. I didn't know the skill when I got the Meteorite, so nothing happened, which makes sense. However, even after I became aware of the skill (through casting a spell with the relevant pheme), the item still didn't give any bonuses.

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I think you increased your Base Attributes (like Int for Revision) after you accumalted points for this skills. The skillpoint you accumolated bevor the Attribute increase are still there but only if you spend 1 more point even if they are above the needed now you get the skill to the next level.

So all in all its logic that you souldent increase in skill level after attibute increase because you also dont loose skill levels if you drop in a attribute.

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As this is the skill related topic..

As I am increasing my skills, I unlock stuff.

I have now unlocked several passive abilities of the History Skill... But no clue as to what level they were precisely unlocked as I do not get a message of them being unlocked in my report under training the skill action. I only get a message all the way down that I just happen to have gained an ability (with no reference whatsoever to the cause of it).

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The lack of reporting is ;)


If I train my History skills, then I get the normal Spells and Phemes under the message that I increased a skill step.

But the passive abilities are not mentioned, except at the "Matters of Concern to You" area. Not sure if it's only the passive abilities though, or all abilities.

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To say it simple the higher the base attribute is the lower is the skillpoiont cost per level but it allways cost at last 1 Skillpoint (Some Subskills have even 2 or 3 Skillpoints as theyr base cost no mater how high your attribute goes).

Thats why people sugest to use spells that temporary increase your Attribute when train for skills at higher level.

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