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bought Academagia from Impulse and have issues with the sales tactic


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Again, Schwarzbart is correct. :P


You cannot loop the Calendar using the Mod Tools, but we are going to *try* for the sake of the modders that want to make total conversions to give you the ability to do just that (as well as change the names of the calendar days, etc.) We'll see.


Another Academagian has requested not losing Relationship if it is redundant- we are considering that, although there is no ETA.


Year 2 Spells will have a lot more interaction in Stories than merely buffs, as you will see. Filtering both Phemes and Spells has been requested, and we intend to give you a way to do some sorting- it's not clear yet which Patch that will be in, however.


Adventures will be getting a roll-over which shows your progression through them, as requested by another Academagian. Ultimately, it will also be color-coded to show Difficulty, although we are not sure if we will list the actual Skills. Your point is a good one, for those final Stages, though.

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