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Clique abilities and later years


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I know asking something like this is probably way too soon but the thought has been in my mind for a bit and I was wondering what thoughts you had on the matter at the moment: Will the abilities students have when joining your clique remain the same and they gain new ones or will they change completely in later years? I've been enjoying the stat bonuses some of the clique members I have give me and that led me to wonder whether I should see them as temporary bonuses or something I can count on in the long term in later years.

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That sounds very promising. ;)


I would be sad to lose some of the clique abilities I have at the moment. It's nice having 6 charm just because of your friends being your friends.


Another thing I was wondering is if there was possibly going to be the ability for your character to bring something to the clique. Perhaps an adventure or something you can purchase during character creation that could give benefits to others/yourself. Every other student has a clique ability and it seems like you basically add nothing unique to it, especially if you didn't even create the group yourself. Not sure how useful it would be since it might only be something the members of your group would benefit from.


To be fair, I haven't improved my social stats that much yet or experimented with things so maybe there are more to clique than I realize at the moment other than sacrificing them in an adventure.

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Perhaps it could be related to what you did at first year? If you were a great student then you'd give, say, some study points to the clique members since they can just ask you about what to do with their homeworks ( actually I earn my life writing people's papers for their classes so yeah, you'd be suprised how much $$ people will drop just to be able to graduate ) or if you're very good at rimball you could give, say +1 to their rimball skills ( you eventually learn about things your close friends like doing, even if you don't like it ) and so on.

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The same way that there's parent skills and subskills, there could be some kinds of "archetypes". An archetype would be represented by a certain whole of skills/subskills (not necessarily all of the subskills/parent skills together by the way).


Each point in a skills/subskill related to the archetype would make your character lean towards it.

Each time a skills/subskill of the archetype is chosen in an event/adventure, it would make the character lean towards it.

Each time a skills/subskill of the archetype is being rolled in a spell or temporarely boosted by a location, it would make the character lean towards it.


At the end of the year, the archetype with the highest "score" is basically the personality your student has leant the most towards (in case of an equality, it is randomly chosen). Each archetype is attached to a clique advantage for year 2 and... voilà!


Some skills/subskills could be in several archetypes, of course.


As for building/finding out of the archetypes, I'm sure the community can give a hand :) As I see it, an archetype should be represented by 20-30 skills/subskills, that is to say around 10% of the skills.


As an example:






Applications of the Arithmetics











First Principles

Geometric Laws


Librairy Knowledge


Magical appraisal









Study Habits




If this archetype gets the most point at the end of the year, the clique gets a special attribute: "Genial Tutoring", allowing, once a week, to get a +1 to a train (or study?) activity, increasing the skill twice by one step.


One can also imagine some "negative" competences, that will give a minus to an archetype when used (in our example, things like brute strength or pure luck, anything that undermines a failure to understand the undercurrent of a situation to take advantage of it).


Complexe? Probably. Interesting? Quite, I think :)

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