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Library of Longshade


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Two issues with this location/action:


1. I know you're working on revamping a good deal of the reporting system, so is there any way to inform the player of which random skill was increased by ability "Study at Library of Longshade"?


2. This ability seems to have disappeared from my selection menu. I checked the history in my calendar and could not find an instance where it was disabled. If it helps any, I believe it disappeared after I used "Explore the Venalicum" to inform myself of all Venalicium locations.


Again Patch 4, thank you.

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1) I expierenced it to that I sometimes dont get a random Skill but its probably that it just thryed to increase a skill you already have maxed (then it fails and in this case shows nothing).


2) the Study at Library of Longshade can only used once every week and then disapears for 7 days there are other abilities/actions who have a coldown as well.


So over all you talking here about game Features and not bugs except you not have maxed any off your subskill already.

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