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Getting More Out of the Train Action


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So I'm into my last quarter with the Academagia, and I find myself with a bit of a dilemma. I'm trying to progress a spell line where my Finesse attribute is the base. But my Finesse is only 2!

Trying to progress Theory from 6 to 7 is requiring 6 skill steps at this rate, most of the random boosts from the libraries have been maxed out.

Rather than having points being shot into the mist, I decided to dust off my Train command.

My college is in the lead in Merits, and as such we have been given visitation rights to the Room of Champions which provides +2 stat boosts while in that room.

By using Train, my Finesse is considered to be 4 and in turn only requires 4 steps to progress to the next level.


Before you ask, this character doesn't have access to the Finesse Pheme at the moment. Advancing it through a long term spell isn't currently an option.

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A few location will teach you new skills, meaning increase it to level 0, meaning you know about it and can train later.


A Dining Hall for Practical Jokes (ia m not sure, but it's one skill of sabotage)

A V Map Room for Cartography



Generally, if it increase your subskill when you are there, you will know about it after using it as a preparatory room. If it increase your big skill, we are out of luck.


Any the practice at public practice room that increase a bunch of your music skill? Marvellous. Especially when Voice level 2 give you Arcadius temple, which open the way into Religion.

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