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Where'd my Clique Bonus go?


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My character befriended Silke Niederstatter, Emillia Picotti and Hector Per Vittoria from the very beginning. Emilia gives bonuses to Charm and Befriend. My stats reflected that.


At the end of the week, I was hit with a whammy of Emotions because I forgot to rest after doing a few Work till you Drops (Bitterness, Anger, Anxiety, Beset on all Sides, Clock Fatigue, Cowardice, Paranoia). After resting, most disappeared but were replaced by Despair and Conflicted.


She's since lowered stress, improved Parental Approval to 19, trained to Confidence-4, Awareness-3, Social Skills-9, Schoolyard Ed-5 and Courage-2. Her courage would be higher, but Noemia Falcon y Paredes is in her clique.


1. Emilia's Gift of charm came back relatively soon. However, the +2 Befriend bonus is missing. My character trained to Befriend-4 on her own. The parent skill should show 6 with Emilia's Gift. It only shows 4.


2. Do friends with courage clique bonuses cancel out Noemia? Neso and Eduaord equal a +3 Bonus (Noemia is a -3). However, Emotions still showed Cowardice. Had to train Courage to 2 before it went away.


3. Is my character still in an emotional state that's not showing? I don't want to spend time improving some of these skills right now unless I need to. If the Emotional State is ongoing, shouldn't it show up under Emotion? Also, if she is in one, do a player a favor and give me a clue?


:( That is the most emotional states any of my characters have experienced at once. Wow. Not even after a hostile spell have I been hit so hard.

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It's not completely clear what the situation for your Character is- you mentioned that you have Silke, Emilia and Hector in your Clique, but it also seems that you have Noemia, Neso and Eduard? Is there anyone else that might be in the Clique?


Emotions will only impact your Character if shown- upon removal, their Effects should disappear. There was an issue with this in the first version of the game, but it was closed in Patch 2, as I recall- we may ask you for a copy of your save game, but first let's make sure all sources that might contribute to reducing Befriend are accounted for. For example, assuming that you are still Conflicted, your Befriend Skill will be lowered by this Emotion.


As to Friends with Courage bonuses cancelling, they do: but in order to escape the Cowardice Emotion your Courage must be 2 or higher. I believe from your example that you did exit correctly from the Emotion once you achieved that?


Having a large Clique can put you into a lot of Emotional States, that's for sure. :(

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The clique consists of Silke, Emilia P., Hector, Luti, Magsa Nembo, Noemia, Eduard and Vincent Eins. The only minuses I see are from Noemia and Luti (art app).


I just noticed that Beguile is at 0 and the character's Listening and Conversation skills are where I had trained them to be. So, Emilia's Gift isn't working on those either.


The Cowardice did go away once I had trained Courage to 2. It appears that Emilia's Gift didn't reset (other than her Charm bonus). Hmm, looks like she got hit with Bitterness again at the end of Athanos (she's in Galamenus now).


I noticed when she had Minor Exhaustion that she was told when she lost the effect. That doesn't always happen. Would it be possible to notify players when their character ends an emotional state as well as when they enter it?


Yep, darn clique members. She was hit with Despair and Conflicted the following day. I'm pretty sure my character was a quivering mess of angst and fear by the end of that week. :(

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On a related note, in my last game, I became afflicted with cowardice (among others), which did not disappear, even though I raised my courage to 10. I then raised my schoolyard education to 10, trying to get rid of it, but to no avail. It wasn't until I had rested again (even though I had already removed the stress) that cowardice disappeared.

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