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How can I get High Exam Resoults?


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In my curent game I thry to reach at last 130 in each class because of this:



Now my Problem is how to best push them (all Study are at 10 and the skills learned from Class maxed)

Caligraphy (10 Forms 10 Illustration 10 Ink Compounds 10)

Glamour (10 Glamour Methods 11 Glamour Phemes 10 Glamour Spells 10 Theory of Glamour 10)

Music (10 Famous Songs 10 Notation 10 Voice 10)

Rhetoric (11 Character 10 Confidence 11 Famouse Speaches 10)

Zoology (10 Birds 10 Insects 10 Mammals 10)


or what kind of Spells / Actions / Abilitys or Phemes are there that can Push the Score without increasing all 3 Subskills.

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Calligraphy - Simuate (Pheme) or Coordination (Pheme) +1 Parent Skill

Music - Tempo (Pheme) +2 Parent Skill

Actually... you can look them all up at the wiki. There are several phemes that either increase several subskills and/or the Parent skill.

There are also locations that give temporary bonusses for a few days that might be useful.

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My favorite spell is 6th Finger. It increases your Forge and Enchantment, so it's perfect if you're taking Enchantment.


Even better, it's a difficulty of 3 on an Int/Enchantment combo. By the time you've studied up Enchantment even halfway, there's room for at least one pheme. Plus the spell keeps improving your Enchantment, giving you an increased chance to succeed (and more room for phemes) the more you cast.


Now, if someone could point me the way to a pheme that raises the zoology parent skill, I'd be much obliged. :)


For Music, don't overlook visiting some of the locations which will give you increases in subskills. The study cubicle #65 at the V. Library improves your notation and music skill. A few others increase Voice, etc. Acad. Practice Room #4 gives you a % chance to increase all of your Music subskills. Music is one of the easiest skills to raise. Dialectic has all those Chaurangliath Path locations which raise random Dialectic skills plus other things.


Remember to raise stats via phemes to change those multiple substep skills into single substep skills.

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