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Amada Kieffler's Quest - Name problems and insane difficulty observed


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Amada Kieffler's quest has all kinds of problems. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned previously, so I thought I'd say something here.


First off, the names are all bugged. Clique names appear instead of character names, character description instead of names, etc. Often the highlighted name section appears merged with a sentence of dialog.


Second, the difficulty levels are just insane. I needed skill levels of 10 or more to get a purple chance, nearly every single challenge. For what I believe to be the final challenge, my dance skill of 9, insight of 4, and Charm of 7, and Sleuthing of 9, are not enough to get me even a purple chance at any of the options - they're all red! In some situations this makes sense. I totally understand that making the horseless carriage move should be difficult. However, given that the challenge is being asked to dance by a boy, and that my character is a well-trained and skilled dancer, that level of difficult just seems silly. If there are other sub-skills that are being referenced, like flirting, dating, or romance or whatnot, then some sort of hint that these are the stumbling block would be useful. There are too many possible skills in most situations to just guess.


In my previous playthrough, I ran into similar difficulty issues with friend quests. Every single challenge required maxed out scores in random abilities, and even extensive training wasn't enough to get even a slight chance of success. On the other hand, the Captain of Mineta adventures were quite simple - most of the time, I was well ready to accomplish those tasks on the first attempt.

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Im still confused by the ending on this one. I got Amada into the ball past the guards after many a failed attempt. Then after Ive already gotten my attribute point Im asked to dance at this ball by some random crazed stalker girl. Not once was I able to both get past the gaurds and dodge the dance (of course if you dont get in the ball this scene never starts) after trying many times I finally just got her into the ball and was happy at that.


The next day however I was able to continue the adventure from that point, being assaulted for a dance. Now I finally was able to prepare and sleuth my way out of it, but after finally succeeding at the end of the day wrap up I am told my relationship with Amada went up 5 points (and Im pretty sure it was already a 7 and now its at 10) and that my HIDE skill went up 3 skill steps. That only seems to stem from the solution I used, so where is the big reward for this unexpected twist at the end of an adventure?



A brief spoiler detailing how I got past this challenge:


I did it on a Saturday using all three periods

1) Narrow Focus: Negation - Theory of Negation (which is normally 14 this takes it to 17)

2) Revision of Skills - (Replace Sleuthing with Theory of Negation) and

3) Adventure starting in the Champion's Room and with 12 stress added.

4) I then had to rest once on Sunday to get rid of all that stress.


I only let it stand out of my desire for completion, still wondering why this is at the end of Amadas adventure and what it all means.



And as a guy was has been confused for a long time, but has finally figured it out


From Best chance to Worst:








So (with all the current patches anyway) Red(small chance) is better than Purple which means almost no chance.

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