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Items stored in the Wardrobe goes Missing!


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I've searched in the forum for something like this but found none that discussed it. (Search string used: missing items)


I've found/gained quite a number of items already while studying at Academagia but somehow the "consumable" items (or so I believe) that I've stored in the Wardrobe kept disappearing for reasons I can't fathom.


Currently, my character is at:

month: Nivelos

day: 22? (The Festival of Iasos)


items equipped:

- (Bracelet/Bracer) Hant's Bracelet

- (Hand) Clayer Owl Feather, The Dazzler Sword

- (Necklace/Amulet) Grit's Fang


items in the Wardrobe:

- Letters from Gera x6

- Reminder Sheet (identified)


items missing/lost:

- Caramel Chews x3 (already identified)

- Ice Lily petal (not sure of name; unidentified)

- Potion of Awakening x1 (identified)



Do these missing/lost items have an expiration date? I'm not sure if that Reminder Sheet is of the "consumable" type and would disappear, too, after days of being stored in the Wardrobe. I was reserving those items for future Actions/Adventures but, alas, they are gone with the wind, so to speak.

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