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Hey! That's not my clique!


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This is a first for me. I don't know if it's a bug or a game mechanic I have yet to see. I attempted to befriend Emilia P. on my character's first day. I didn't think it worked because I didn't get a pop-up asking for a clique name.


The end of the day tally told me I had succeeded in friending her. I checked out the clique and was surprised to see it was called The Beautiful People and that Oliviia Solari was part of the clique. If I remember correctly, Beautiful People is the name of her clique (or maybe Emilia's).


I did walk away from my PC for a moment. Did the game revert to the NPC's clique name when it had no input from me?

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Did Olivia Solari get a successful Befriend off on you? I was drawn into a clique week one by Amita because she used Befriend and I had no clique. If you failed your attempt, but Olivia got hers through, well there you go.



The report said I was successful in befriending Emilia. Olivia didn't attempt to befriend me. I figure she must have befriended Emilia at the same time my character did. How dare her group trump mine! So weird. Oh, well. So long as I get the bonuses.

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