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Typos and Such in Patch 5


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Thank you- there is indeed a missing Prerequisite. This will be closed in DLC 2.


Curious to know whether you are considering a general review of things like Prerequisites and what you called "Mistyped" information in the game, things like that which have been popping out since the game got out? (although less frequently as time went by). To clean out what has not been reported by players. But I can only imagine the huge amount of information we are talking about here... Just asking. Thanks for your time.

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Not sure if this has been corrected in the new patch, as it is from an old save (I was still adding a few of the discovered stuff to the wiki before I can start my next run in the new version).

Culiman's Shack has three different effect descriptions to say that you increase a random skill

"Increase Random Skill"

"Expand RDM Skill Step"

"Expand Random - 1 SS"

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- RE Forge 9

"Sure you could have been more patience but at least you're done in the forge."

Typo: patience --> patient


- RE Athletics 3

"You are terrified mouse"

Insert: "a" --> "You are a terrified mouse"


- RE Animal Pen 9

"From Professor He's class"

Change: He --> Pachait


- RE Common Room 13

"They are simply too invovled with their duel to talk"

Typo: invovled --> involved


- RE (forgot name sry)

(the random event involved thieves, wagons, student and teachers [no specific names mentioned])

I chose the "call the guards" exit and gave me a success result with the text saying that I was awarded "ten merits". In the End of the day report, it said there that I only earned two merits. I'm not sure which one is correct: "ten" or "two". (I failed to check the Merit tally to double-check for it.)

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Random Event Revenge 5 still dont give the Negation option if the enspell option was successfull. (Sorry if this bugfix was already planed for a other patch)

The Color Coding after a Option is taken that increase the Chance of Success in a Adventure is strange!

I.e. in Vernin Dreams - Time Pieces my color for clockwork got from black to red after successed in the puzzles option.

(Btw. I am still on patch 5 DLC 1 without the quickfix)

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Amulet of Bloody tears (got it from the Awesome Community 7 Event) is missing the Amulet graphic instead its just a empty square.

Beside that I find the text of this Event to much to read through even if it might be a nice storry.

Edit: Clayer Owl Feather is a Hand item but dont have the Hand item Graphics.

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