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Enjoy free ginger ale and cake? Shown in Abilities but not choosable for use


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I saw one post about this but I didn't see the answer anywhere.


I am able to enjoy a meal at the Seven Stars but I can not go there to enjoy the free stuff reward even though it is shown under my abilities.





(F12: Client v1.0.5.0; Publisher v0.63.3.0; Content 1.0)

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No problem!


After glancing at the Random Event, I believe I see the problem- when you saved her, did you 'Talk your way out of it'? This exit, although it does lead to you saving the redoubtable Mrs. Plumpsom, incorrectly does not award you with the Memory necessary to enjoy the Ginger Ale.


We'll close this in DLC 2.



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Yes I do believe I talked my way out of it.


So I did save her, and she is grateful, and I do know where the Seven Stars is, and Im welcome to pay to eat there, but because I don't remember saving her I cant eat any cake or enjoy any ginger ale?


Well that's gratitude for you. I eat there all the time! And for 25 of my (parents) hard earned pims!


You'd think she'd come right over to my table and just offer me the free stuff.


Guess she figures if I'm not gonna ask, she's not gonna offer...

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