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Breaking up a Clique


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This starts with the assumption that NPC clique work like the players one in that with a low relationship between the people in it they will break up.

I tried to do this to a two person clique by reducing the relationship between the people in it using Harmen Strife and the Demean, having used each of which enough times to reduce there relationship by 12 (so 24 in total) thinking that they were bound to split at -10 but nothing happened.

I was wondering is there something else that I need to do, also is there any way currently of seeing the relationship between two students as gossip no longer shows it?

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First of all, great name! :)


Secondly, yes, it would work- you'll need to get their Relationship with one another into the negatives (so that they break up.) If you want to add both of them to your Clique afterwards, make sure that you raise their Relationship back to positive or the same thing will happen to you! :)

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