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The Famous Compete Roll vs 12 question


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Ok, so I did my research about Rolls and I think I understand how they work, mainly.


I also read what was said on this forum about the Compete Roll vs 12 Action. But I still don't get it, sorry!


If Rolls are generally :

skill + random value from 1 up to attribute*2


How can I beat 12 on a Compete Roll (often times) when my character is just starting a game with 0 as a Compete Skill?


I'm thinking there's something major that I missed, or that I don't understand rolls in general, so that is why I am asking the question again on this forum.



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OH. But I do win that Roll. Almost all the time.


Sorry about the way I phrased the question. I meant I didn't understant why I kept succeeding in the very first days of a new game. It was an honest question, not some kind of complaint.


Today I even tried the Compete Action on the first day for all three periods. And I won the Roll 3 times in a row.


I will go and check to see if there's something in my character background that could explain this.


What I know is that I am not seeing the Compete Skill in the list for my character, so I'm assuming it is at zero.


Sorry if my inexperience should turn out to create some confusion.

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If you do provide that option, I'd suggest some sort of flag denoting the character used it. Whether that flag would control particular content from being unlocked I don't know. Some people might get torqued over getting penalized for seeing the numbers, but as much as I love em - I think there should be an incentive to play the game as intended. Bigger risk, bigger reward. We usually don't get the numbers behind our life decisions after all. (As has been burned into the ground... heh)

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You should see my room, I graphed my life for the past 6 months as a project, everything from relationships to food consumption is documented ;] So yeah, I see the numbers in my real life as well!


Trying to determine determinism ( hah ) in human life is hard work, even though physics seem to have disproved some of the concepts, the new age of information and insight into human behavior, mainly the advances in psychology, sociology and biochemistry suggest that our actions depend on certain variables %100 of time.


As far as I know right now, the paper I will write in a few years ( long term assignments, yey ) will again suggest that all human life could be simulated with enough computing power and information. In an age where even the television advertisements are tailored to human perception and psyche, effects of the certain "random" forces in the universe is minimal at best.

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