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Passive Abilities Not Working


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I'm not sure if it's been doing this my whole run-through for this particular game, or if it just started - whatever the case, I just noticed. I'll gain a passive ability, and while it will be shown in abilities section - and the skill/attribute increase shown in those respective sections - it doesn't actually impact anything. For example, my character started out with a 1 in insight, and currently is 4(through passive abilities); yet all the skills that rely on insight still are doing training like it's a 1. (ex: Danger Sense was requiring 3 trainings to get to level 2, even with a 3 (at that time) in insight. Oratory was doing the same thing, except I started training it when I had the 4 in insight). Passive abilities from locations also don't seem to be working; I tried an adventure where I needed high oratory, so I had the location be at the great gate (which is supposed to be a +2 to oratory). Rather then be upped by 2, oratory skill remained the same. The Champions room also doesn't seem to be improving the attributes for the duration of the stay, as training there did nothing to help with training these skills.


Another example also involves danger sense; I was trying to get the passive ability Goosebumps. I already had a passive ability that gave me +1 to my danger sense skill; so before I even started training, it said my skill in it was a 1. When I trained it up, however, I had to train to to level 4 rather than level 3 to get the ability.


I've included the save file.


EDIT: I've never had this happen before; I only noticed after I'd gotten mostly through the Content Patch 5 Aranaz adventure.



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Thanks for the save! We haven't experienced it either, although we have seen some issues related to Clique passive Abilities.


Out of curiosity, in this game did your Clique ever begin to Fight, that you noticed?




Edit: I've checked the save, but I found no issues. I will pm for more details.

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Are passive bonuses supposed to do unlocks as if you had trained to that level? I didn't think they were, so I didn't realize it was a bug. I think I have had the same issue (the first part at least). That is why I asked for the bonus display to see if I needed to train more or if my base skill had reached 10 (or 11)

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