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I saved the day!


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On the 17th of Hionosi, (in which I went to class twice and then used "Study the Fields") I got a random encounter of 3 students from Morvidus Breaking into Vernin.


Of my choices I picked "Character Study" (colored in blue) first and it seemed to be successful but it didn't change what I did anyway which is use "Wrestling" (green) to capture them.


I succeeded as two ran away while I caught the third, a professor then came along and caught the two that ran.


It said everyone was amazed and that I would be talked about for a long time or something like that.


The end of day report says (in addition to the skills I leveled by studying the fields) that I temporarily increased wrestling by two and that I increased my courage by 1. (Also Phillipe Marchant liked me 1 point less, hardly a surprise he was one of the thieves!)


It seems those bonuses are tied to the action I took in the random encounter itself, so what was my "Reward" for catching the thieves? It sounded like it might be Glory but it didn't list any.


More importantly the next line reads "You have caused yourself to be reprimanded by Orso Orsi." Checking ahead reveals I now have a detention (My FIRST of the year!) on Monday the 22nd.


How in the heck did this happen? Where did I go wrong? And why is it from the man himself?


The Academagia Fields are a 0 discovery zone and in the random encounter I didn't leave Vernin. I am not carrying anything illegal, and I am not encumbered in any way (I did have one bag of "Glamour Mints" in my knapsack, but nothing else)


What gives?

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