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Typos and Such in Patch 6


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Yes exactly. There was just the line with the dentention but noting about confiscated so I continued and wonderd why Skiping classes detention didnt took my items just to discover later that I miss the 2 illegal items I haved ^^.

Edit: Just got the Joy of Music - Catalog A window using Emperor Sphinx`s Room I incresed at the 1st slot Lute by 1 step to 4 and this called the shop.

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I haved 2 Detentions because of skiping Class (thursday and friday) on both days I skiped class again Thurdsdays detention continued but fridays detention ended but I got a new reprimand for skiping class.

The Issue now is that I only have the thursday detention on my list so I didnt get a new detention from the reprimand on friday!

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Can it be that the Color Coding of The Final Battle (Hedgehog Questline) is off? Because I thryed this quest for sure over 6 times with blue color for the Negation path and failed all even though I haved sometimes the 15% Chance Bonus from the Armor.

Edit: It would be also nice if one is good at gates by him self one get some bonus here :)

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Curious- are you using Content Patch 2? Looking at the content, you should see a Lore at Creativity Level 2.


The Description for Guard the Mallen Star does not explicitly say that you must be a member of Aranaz College, just that 'As a member of Aranaz College...'


Do you think it should be more directly stated? Let me know, and thanks!

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Story - One more meeting with Oan

Suspicious question mark

"Thanks or coming, " she says as you approach. I wasn't sure if you would, but it means a lot to me?"

(As side note, this story mentions Oan has previously said that my tutoring education was complete. I don't remember she ever said that and I did the adventures twice. A bit confusing).


Story - Search the abandoned warehouse for the hidden door (Oan)

Astrology option - success

and begin selecting phemes from your palate (instead of palette again)


Story - It's a hidden door!

Diplomacy option - failure

Suspicious punctuation

That. Was the stupidiest thing I've EVER seen anyone do

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Forum of Naxum Location Description & Listen to the Debates Ability Description

spending a turn (...) will grant one Expansions of 1 Step to Logic, Oratory (etc.)

The word "one" probably should be removed


Oratory Skill Description

for only those who pursue this Skil

Typo, missing an L


Lore - Dialectic, the First Principle

Extend your though to the opinion of the status quo

Typo, probably should be "thought"


Practice Math Action Description

Effects : Expand RDM Arithmetic Skill Step

For the sake of uniformity since "random" is usually used


Event Music 6

Your opponent,Zorzi Gaela

Missing a space before the NPC name

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