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Typos and Such in Patch 6


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RE Awesome Community 4 "Dreaming of pillows and warm blankets you bump into ?, " So there is one char link replaced with a ? this goes through the complet text.

Edit 1: The Adventure "The Clay of Clarity" have a extrem high difficult because with Composure 16 +5 as lowest Atribute Its still red (Because its not even the final step its probably a bug). Composure of 22 was then blue. (2x +6 via From Novice to Master with a 1x Surety Pheme)

Edit2: RE Library 14 when you success in the Danger Sense Roll there is no mention in the Day Report that you got the book (Still got it but it just wasnt mentioned).

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Curious- are you using Content Patch 2? Looking at the content, you should see a Lore at Creativity Level 2.


The Description for Guard the Mallen Star does not explicitly say that you must be a member of Aranaz College, just that 'As a member of Aranaz College...'


Do you think it should be more directly stated? Let me know, and thanks!


Yep, I'm all patched up. Although I figured my character could not Guard the Mallen Star. It might be confusing to someone else (why award the action/ability if you can't use it).


Also, phemes still don't get set right when you cast a spell. For instance, if I cast 6th Finger twice in a row and add muscle in the first and strength in the second, the first spell will reflect both Muscle and Strength while the second spell has no phemes. Likewise, sometimes if you try to add two different phemes to one spell, the spell conveniently forgets one of them as you scroll past. I shouldn't need to back out umpteen times just to reset my spell until the game finally gets it right.


I know that was mentioned before, but I thought it was supposed to be fixed in CP2?

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Pheme addition was corrected in an earlier Patch (although if you can provide more details on the cases where Phemes are being 'forgotten', I'd like to investigate it!)


The issue about Pheme Addition on just your first Spell is new, however- we'll investigate right away. Edit: Confirmed. We'll see if we can close this in Patch 7.



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:) I typed up a long entry describing this, then reread your reply. Duh, you'd already confirmed it. Silly me.


Thank you. I remember a lot of pheme talk awhile back and thought that had been included or I'd have mentioned it then. For what it's worth, the mis-pheming doesn't happen all the time like it used to, so whatever you did improved things tremendously.

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Thanks- and thanks also for the new name for this issue: mispheming. :)


I reviewed this extensively today, but I was unable to replicate mispheming (just Phemes collapsing to the first instance of the Spell.) If you see the issue again, please let me know of how you arrived at the problem and (especially) if it can be replicated.


Thanks again!

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For some unknown reason my patch 5 save game won't load on an Academagia setup with Patch 6. So, I just decided to put it on hold and try a new char (my 4th) with Patch 6.


(Currently in the 2nd month of the academic year -- Pramidi, about to start on the 4-day weekend)


- RE Town Shop 4

"Once he's does, it's your"

Typo: does --> done


- RE Dialectic 4

"Its wise guys"

Insert: apostrophe --> "It's wise guys"


- RE Escaped Animals 3

"to the every day light"

Remove: space --> "to the everyday light"


- RE Lake 3

"who's obessive about"

Typo: obessive --> obsessive


- RE Dance/Event 10

"disguised the worst of the it"

Remove: the --> "disguised the worst of it"


- RE Garden 2

"fluttering of with his comrades"

Typo: of --> off


- RE Animal Pen 6

"The land octopus is large"

Insert: a --> "The land octopus is a large"


- RE Magical Defenses 5

"hastily in Her's direction"

Replace: Her --> <NPC Name>


"they tel you as"

Typo: tel --> tell


- RE Magic Trap 2

The <Professor's Name> has no check it seems because it was duplicated the wrong way. It yielded the following result:

<Professor's Name> asks you to deliver some papers to <Professor's Name>

The correct one should be:

<Professor's Name1> asks you to deliver some papers to <Professor's Name2>


- RE Dialectic 2

"the classroom,<newline>arms waving"

(corrected) "the classroom, arms waving"


"latest adventure from<newline>across the world"

(corrected) "latest adventure from across the world"


"wait patiently until<newline>it's your turn"

(corrected) "wait patiently until it's your turn"


"When it is, you<newline>turn the cool"

(corrected) "When it is, you turn the cool"


"to the ground,<newline>breaking into"

(corrected) "to the ground, breaking into"


"to fix it<newline>fast!"

(corrected) "to fix it fast!"

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My game Freezes this time when reached the point where the Credits sould show up. Only way out was to close the task.

Edit: OK I know what hapens when you tab out when the Credits are displayed they fanish and you just see the last Ingame screen where you cant click on anything.

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I'm trying to Study Monster for the first time since I never have.


My student currently has a 15 Zoology and a 5 Luck. The ability says it needs a Luck/Zoology v. 10 roll. It looks to me like I have a 20, so why do I keep failing?


Also, it bothers me that you state this with a slash. To my math mind that indicates Luck divided by Zoology. Took me the longest time to realize you meant Luck+Zoology. :D

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Lore - One With the Flowers

I train (...) till my body fill stronger

typo - feel


Lore - A Deserved Ovation

There was note a single mistake

typo - not


Lore - Hermit Hreb

for they new nothing of his exploits

typo - knew


Pheme - Vibrate description

His one, however, I tend to believe

typo - This


Pheme - Organism description

The more skilled you beome

typo - become


Item : Rymbaldian Plough-Stone

consider the "plough-stone"sacred

space missing


Event Patrol 6

Incantation option - failure

you quickly trace the necessary phemes onto your palate

should be palette


Event Foraging 6

Botany option - failure

in your wandering.Surely you know

space missing



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Maybe it is a very regal horse? :)


This will be closed in DLC 2- thanks!


:) And here I refrained from punning!


I have another missing description. Just studied Enchantment to Level 3 at the V. Library (like how I avoided the spelling). Character went up a level and gained a rank in filing and learned about Violin. No description for Violin.

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