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Hi everybody... long time lurker, first time poster. *wave*


I was playing around with the game today, experimenting with stuff for the wiki, when I came across the Flatter action. I played around with it for about a week in game, trying to determine what it did... It was pretty easy to figure out, but it doesn't match the description at all!


Description (straight from the game):

The art of Flattery, carefully used, can produce a very favorable result in the impressionable ear. By using this Action, you can expand a Relationship of your choice by 2. However, if you do not Flatter well, your target may become upset with you...


I took this to mean that you choose your target, and based upon a skill roll, you either increase your relationship with the other person by 2 or decrease it by some unlisted amount. But this isn't the case... What actually happens is that you can choose two (different) students for Flatter. The first person you choose ALWAYS (in my experience) loses 1 relationship point. The second person you choose ALWAYS (again, in my experience) gains 3 relationship points.


So what ended up happening was, I was choosing the same character over and over for the decrease (poor Carmine), and different people for the increase...


If it's supposed to work this way, this could be a ~very~ useful action, especially if you have a particular student you don't like already (here's looking at you, Philip :)), but I just wanted to ask if it's supposed to work like this?

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