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Caught in the tavern


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Well, here's my first attempt at event writing. I'll be happy when Mod tools are out, and I can pull existing events to pieces and get a better idea of what the underlying numbers are like.


Characters: @Random Professor@


Technically, you're not supposed to be off the Academagia grounds right now. But that's the sort of rule that is more honoured in the breach than the observance.


And you have been working hard. You deserve a little break.


Besides, this tavern has a nice dark, out of the way corner and while you're sitting here, nobody is going to notice you.


Which is fortunate, since @Professor@ just came in and took a seat. A seat with a good view of the door.


Comfy as this corner is, you can't stay here forever. How will you leave without being noticed?


Investigation 1: Observation - There has to be some other way out.

(Observation + Charm)


Hmm. There doesn't seem to be another way out. On the other hand, the place is very busy, and the waiters are moving around quite a bit, and @Professor@ has @his@ back turned to most of this.


As you watch, a waiter, with his hands full of dirty plates, walks right behind @Professor@.


This has definite possibilities


(Bonus to Plot, Practical Jokes)



Somehow, you seem to have developed tunnel vision.


Door. Safety.


Path to door. Path to safety.


Professor watching path to door that is the path to safety.


No matter how much you look around, your attention keeps getting drawn back to these fixed, immutable points.


Exit 1: Theory of Glamour: Professors can only give detention to students they recognise, right?

(Insight + Theory of Glamour)


Success - With a few quick twitches of your wand, you cast a concealing glamour over your facial features. You adjust your hair, your eyes, your nose, and as a final flourish, you make your distinctive school robe appear as an ordinary, nondescript black garment.


You saunter out of the tavern, and @Professor@ doesn't even look up from @His@ meal.


(Expands Composure)


Failure - With a few quick twitches of your wand, you cast a concealing glamour over your facial features. Subtle is best. It doesn't take much

adjustment to make you indistinguishable from any other $Player's College$ student. And no professor can give the entire college detention.


Which is true. And it works. After all, no professor can give the entire college detention. But they can deduct Merit from the entire college. Oops.


(Deducts college merit)


Exit 2: Patience - You just need to wait for the professor to leave.

(Luck + Patience)




You order some dessert, and you wait.


And you wait.


And you order a different dessert, and you wait.


And you wait.


And you order a third dessert, and you wait.


Finally, by the time you're halfway through your fourth dessert, @Professor@ finishes @His@ meal and leaves.


That took longer than you were expecting. And cost a little more. Still, four desserts in one sitting is something of a learning experience.

And very, very filling


(-Pims, expand Baking)



You sit, and wait.


And wait.


This isn't working! One of the waiters is glaring at you, you're bored, the professor is only just started @his@ meal and you've waited at LEAST a



Wait! @Professor@ just closed @his@ eyes! You sieze the opportunity, and dash for the exit. Unfortunately, it turns out @he@ was only blinking. You

get caught.




Exit 3: Plot - You have a Brilliant Plan! With which Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong.

(Intelligence + Plot)


Success: Fortunately, you thought about this possibility before you ever entered the tavern, and you came up with a plan. Now, it's just a matter of putting your intent into action.


You stand up and step forward confidently. "Fear Not!" you say to a rather confused waiter, "For I have a Brilliant Plan! With which Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!"


Then pull out your wand and implement your plan. Sure enough, nothing goes wrong. Yep, you're brilliant.


(Expands Confidence, Emotion: Smug)


Failure: As you step forward to implement your Brilliant Plan, it becomes apparent that you overlooked one tiny, remote possibility. One small thing could indeed go wrong with your Brilliant Plan.


You could stumble over an awkwardly placed chair, trip, and fall flat on your face in front of @Professor@.


But the odds of that happening? Tiny! Remote! Not worth worrying about.


You are so busy fuming about the unfairness of the one thing that could possibly have gone wrong with your Brilliant Plan with which Only One Thing Could Possibly Go Wrong actually happening, you barely even notice the professor's reprimand.




Exit 4: Practical Jokes - In for a pim, in for a quiple. May as well do something that deserves detention.

(Luck + Practical Jokes)


Succeed: You happen to be carrying a small jar of Velgrim's Perilous Floor Polish. You sneak up behind @Professor@ and carefully grease the area behind @His@ chair without being noticed. Then you carefully move to one side, and say "Good Day, @Professor@!"


@Professor@ jumps up from @His@ seat, and spins around to face you. Well, @He@ tries. Velgrim's Perilous Floor Polish is a remarkably effective substance.


@Professor@'s chair, with @Professor@ still in it, goes gliding across the floor, directly into a passing waiter. Waiter, chair and professor all tumble over into a heap.


@Professor@ gets up, takes one step towards you, re-enters the polished area, and falls over again.


Another waiter attempts to help the professor up, and joins the pile on the floor.


By the time anybody has sorted the situation out, you've glued the professor's fork to the table, and disappeared into the city. You'll be getting a reprimand, but you've got such a story to tell.


(Reprimand, increase Storytelling)



Fail: Here is prank destiny made manifest. If you're going to get detention, you might as well do something truly audacious. And you've got just the trick up your sleeve. Literally - One of your friends 'let' you 'borrow' a stink bomb. And one of Velgrim's Mortifying Hornets.


With the Hornet in one hand, and the stink bomb in the other, you creep towards the professor.


Then @He@ looks up, directly at you.


You're so surprised, you accidently trigger the Hornet. Since you haven't given it a target, it homes in on you. While you're trying to

fend it off, you drop the stink bomb at your feet.


And when you stagger out of the cloud of fumes, you stagger right into a table.


And then ...


Well, probably best to draw a discreet veil over the entire incident. Suffice to say there is no cloud without a silver lining, and @Professor@ is too busy laughing to reprimand you.


(Stress, Emotion: Embarassment)

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