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"Saving Bug" ?


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With my latest game there appeared a very strange bug. I've the latest patch installed and played with the DLC activated. Suddenly when overwriting the save game for this character, the save literary disappeared. The save still appears, but its size is "0 KB", and under the load and save options within the game it is not there at all. Have never encountered that before?!

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My case is different. I would see the saving progression complete hence the game is saved (presumably). I exit the game afterwards. Later (after a few hours doing some non-PC tasks), I would open the game but my last saved game will not appear on the list of save games that can be loaded (the top three only, in my case). I loaded the top one on my list (it loaded just fine) and I checked the list of save games I have of the game. Unfortunately, I did not saw my last save game there. I exited the game and open the save game folder of Academagia (%appdata%). Indeed my last save game was not there. TWICE did it happened to me these past two days. (It was a good thing for me that I always have test backups for my save games.) Before Patch 6, this never occured to me.



OS: Windows XP PRO SP3 (I am absolutely sure it's an XP. I have no intention of touching Vista !@#$%^&*)

.NET Framework: 3.5 SP1

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