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Which subskills have you not come across yet?


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I'm seriously interested in that question, certainly subskills that you never learned in any playthrough, but which you know through the forum, the wiki, or other sources. This thread could show which subskills are hardest to come by, and how you can learn them.


Subskills I haven't seen in ANY playthrough:

Accounting, Lip Reading, Intrigue, Civil Law, Biology, Anatomy, Drive Carriage, Piety, Prayer, Theology, Rimbal Positions, Logistics.


I'm interested to hear how others learned about those subskills, if they offer any rare bonuses in certain levels, or with which subskills other players have problems.


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Lock Picking. I keep taking the spy background choices for the Hide bonuses, and I've normally picked up Lie by the midterms somehow, but can't find any way to get the lock picking skill. I seem to succeed in finding Professor Storey's Office in every playthrough, but can't even attempt to search his desk when I don't have the skill to do so! I presume there must be an adventure path somewhere that uses spy skills considering the Great Hall Entrance gives a bonus to the skill, but clearly I'm missing which one...


Of your list, I didn't even know there was a Drive Carriage skill, so clearly I've not seen that one yet. I had Piety and Prayer show up while studying music, whenever Arcadius' Temple was unlocked. Logistics showed up when the Mercenary Guild House was unlocked - I was putting a lot of study into languages, which it helps with as it gives a skill step in Vilocian (as well as one in Logistics), but I couldn't say for sure which skill step in which language it was unlocked from.

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One of my characters acquired Drive Carriage via explore. I can't remember what spot he found. I think it was the carriage station. You get an option to work there and earn pyms and skill. Piety can be had through Music, I think. At least, every time I take that course I eventually learn about the A-something Temple which gives you religious skills and improves Voice.


Any time I see a skill I don't have in an option, I select it even if I know I'll fail. Sometimes that's the only way you'll ever get them. Some are few and far between. Also, keep an eye on locations and phemes which might temporarily give you a skill that you can train up. My frou frou gal got her courtly hairstyles/fashion that way.


I'm not certain, but there's a random event where an NPC and you are playing Rimbal. She/he is acting strange. You get two Rimbal skills among the choices. I thin one of those is Rimbal Plays. I get that event pretty often.


You can also fill out non-class skills even when you're not taking that class by selecting the skill options whenever they show up. You can even train them up to a pretty good level.

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I think I stumbled across Logistics by following various War skills/events.


Intrigue I tend to get a lot. I think it's one that randomly pops up on a few events here and there.


Piety, Prayer and Theology are pretty easy to get. Follow the Music track (I believe Voice in paticular). It will lead to various locations including a temple and a charity (which I believe you can also find by doing Cooking-like-things). For the temple, pay money, and get religious ups, and... they're you're off!

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