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Typos and Such in Patch 7


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thanks - yes, it's possible the decrease in merit came from a random event.


Event Performance 8

Option - give the money

You look atOlivia's face : missing space


Event Garden 2

Option - Negation spell, failure

deciding to attack the problem for a different angle


Story Shall We Dance? - Philippe Marchant Adventure part II

Option - Manipulation, success I think

You hope he can controll his anger

double L


Lore - Donner of the Arms

would begin to surface as a means__ strengthen spells

missing word - to


Action - Practice Math

Expand RDM Arithmetic Skill

instead of the usual

Expand Random


And two instances of phemes being repeated in a spell description. I am not sure whether it is intended or not (have not played long enough to know). If it's intented I apologize, please tell me so I don't report that in the future.


Spell - Wizard's Aid

Pheme section =









Spell - Beginner's Dispel

Pheme section =



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Understood about the doubling of phemes. I'm not really playing yet, just trying out basic things.


Story - Quite elementary, my dear bruiser... (Philippe Marchant Adventure)

Patience option, failure

while he was running and errand

typo - an


Skill Description - Infiltration

those who study this Skill will fing

typo - find


Catalog description - Adventures in Astronomy

Most of the items found here tech students

typo - teach


Lore - Study Areas of the Geometric Art

something unseen that is far more important that financial assistance

typo - than


Since I'm having you take a look at that lore already - I was not sure about

Angles, polygons, areas and perimeter are but a few areas

Wondered if perimeter should have an s also... My English Skill is not high enough for me to successfully use a Typo Detection Spell on this sentence. ;)

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Random event: Class is interrupted by a janitor

Immediately after a brief and whispered conversation, Shesays that the class has free time


Random event: strolling at night and encounter lit classroom

There shouldn't bee any lights on this late at night


Mentor: Duel Explanation

Without giving you a chance to accept or deny, Ingatius begins with, <- should be Ignatius

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Thank you- we will try to close these in DLC 2.


For the next time that you come across a typo- if you don't mind pressing F12 and recording the title there, you'll be able to get the actual name of the Event to display in the bottom left hand corner. This name helps us to quickly find the source of the typo.


Thanks again!

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I'm not sure how to specify events - do they have a proper name somewhere that I'm not seeing? Anyways, I just found a typo in one. So, uh, I'm just going to make a wild guess about how to identify it.


Random Event - Glued Hands Together

Exit 1 says "Don't no anything, just try not to interact with anyone until you hands come apart."


EDIT: Got another one. Phillipe and Malthezar are fighting. I used the Character Study option and the result was a bit of a mess. In addition to huge errant spacings, the descriptions of the characters tried to print.

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The Steamy Stride ability's description refers to itself as "Sultry Stride", and specifically says that it does not increase Flirting - while the effects of the ability say that it does (and it does).


Also, the emotion Cowardice says that it can be removed by expanding Schoolyard Education; I have been unable to remove it in this way. This is slightly more than a typo, but I was making this post anyway while testing Cowardice so I thought I should add it in as well.

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Lore typo

Gods: A Poem, lines 4 and 5.

"They needed up as we needed them.

When they called out for help with came to them"


Another one from the same research line.


"When Man was given the chance to propser and create his own world..."

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Event Disguise / Infiltration 3

You're dancing when you see a Professor Pachait arrive


Event Crafting 4

Pure Luck option, failure

the bushes rudely fling you opnto the path

typo - onto


Event Duel 1

main text

speeds up.A roar from the crowd

space missing


Lore - He, from the Grand Wizardly Army

and closed my eye

just one...? :(


Lore - Philosopher Mastorus on Mammals, from Creatures

"Creatures" is missing from the title when the lore is displayed in the right area, but title is ok in the report


Lore - Philosopher Mastorus on Amphibians, Creatures

There's a colon instead of a quotation mark at the beginning of the lore

: The frog


Lore - Zelda Irmes, Age 9, on Animals

I love aminals

Reading the rest of the lore I don't think the inversion of m and n is intentional (because of her age)


I found some Pheme descriptions in which the word Pheme is not capitalized and in some instances I' m pretty sure they should be. It might not be a priority and if they are not always written with a capital P then I would risk over-reporting because I'm not familiar with the rules of English on this. Let me know if you want them reported.

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I'm not sure if this is a typo or not but, the Insightful Eye cream from Ulland Illithan's Bare Necessities (Merchant) also seems to refer to itself as the Alert Eye cream. It also says it needs to be applied "correctly" to the eyelid, implying it needs to pass a successful Cosmetics roll but nothing is explicitly stated.

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Because of my RPG Char I watched the first Spells he got a bit more closer and now wondering about the Material Shaping Spell

The Roll of this spell is int + Material Knowledge and Material Knowledge is a Enchant skill so why is it called a Revision and not a Enchant spell?

And because its the first "Revision" spell I aktuall got in this game so maybe this spell realy should also be rolled on a revision skill.

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