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Hello everyone,


I was hoping some might have an answer to a few questions I was having about the art of producing goods.


How do I procure recipes to actually create stuff?

- I noticed that some of the items I have picked up show what is needed to make them.

- Also I noticed that 'Study Armor' indicates that I might learn how to create them (Be informed of the creative process behind a random style of armor) I've been informed about "armor chest plate of the doorways" but I cannot find it anywhere, least of all in artifice.


Is it possible to see the recipes once you've gotten hold of them?

- I noticed a 'Recipe' tab under 'items' by the calender, but so far it only shows the items I have gotten hold of, not recipes as such.


Materials needed will likely needed to be bought, so where do I make the purchace?

- I noticed that when I go shopping I have a (very) long list of shops to choose from. While that is great it also makes it rather difficult to get some actual shopping done. Is it possible to see what each shop sells somewhere and I've just missed it?


Hints, anyone?

- I have a feeling I should likely wait a bit with this till I've gotten a firm hold of the game (started a few days ago) but I've always wanted to create stuff and how could I refuse to make magical stuff ^^


Thanks in advance!

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