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About adding phemes to spells

Vieux chat

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How really work the added phemes to a spell ? Will it raise the difficulty of the original spell ? Is it another roll made ? What are the skills/stats used ?

I can't evaluate the possible outcome of casting a spell (maybe a color coded thing ? After selecting a spell, phemes then you can see your spells color coded in your schedule)

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So if I add a pheme to a spell with (for instance) Luck/astrology vs 6, there's only one roll of Luck/Astrology ? Wouldn't it be better to do seperate rolls like this :

You try to cast the "bare" spell, then you try to cast the spell with phemes added ?


Or maybe a system like in Morrowind about potion making : no created spell. Just phemes. And phemes have pros and cons. To create a spell you add two (or more) phemes that would add pros and cons if the pros/cons appear on at least two phemes.

And letting palyer really "create" a spell : once you've find a spell that work, you chose a name to be able to cast it other times.


I really loved the way we could create potions and spells in Morrowind.


EDIt : One mor ething ! There is a thing called magnitude. What is it for ?

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Vieux Chat;


Spells are complex, and in order to create one all Phemes must be 'bound' together- that is why if you choose to experiment and add Phemes, there is only one Roll.


There will be some additional Phemes-Spell combinations in Year 2, but true free-form Morrowind-style Spell/Potion creation won't come until you are at a much more advanced level in your studies.

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