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If I understand correctly, the actual musics are free (they're now in the public domain). Would it be possible to give a list of other classic themes I'd like to hear in Academagia ? And would there be away to switch music played to another tune (because, even if I really love most of the musics, there's one that just .. oh well .. I hate it)

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I recently asked if modding music is possible, and Legate said that the mod tools will allow that. I am thinking of putting up a collection of public domain music and remixed music, that are suitable for the game. The public domain music is from Musopen, so it is safe to use them. Please keep in mind that adding public domain music to Academagia is complicated by how copyright works: The music itself is public domain, but the performance isn't. So any music distributed from us must be from a source that isn't commercial, otherwise getting in trouble becomes possible if the fees are not payed. Fortunately, Musopen is planning to commission and release performances of public domain music without having copyright strings attached. That may take a year or two to be completed, though.



The remixed music is what I consider to be under the influence of Fair Use, based on how they are cultural icons and demonstrates the vitality of that culture. Copyrights were initially created to grant temporary monopolies, without damaging the cultural foundation of the nation. Unfortunately, Mickey had other ideas, and those copyrights have been extended twice, and are likely to go for a third round. That is why remixes can be considered a gray area, since they contest corporate control over society and their pocketbooks.



Would you consider Danse Macabre and Danse Baccanle to be suitable with Academagia? I want to make good selections if I go ahead with the music pack, and would like to know what pieces seem appropriate.

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Danse macabre would be good for events : fo rinstance you failed at a holiday events, then you start that music. Or maybe attach musics to emotions ?

I find it a bit aggressive (and that's a guy who listen mostly to metal :P) to play academagia. So if you reserve it to special events that would be good.


Other ideas : I love that one (a sad one) Haendel sarabande :

or that one : Wagner Ride of the Valkyries :

for "war time events"

or that one : Mozart Little night music :

or that one : Beethoven Moonlight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPIe6ZZums0...feature=related

or that one : Debussy Clair de lune :

or that one : Debussy La mer :

or thoses ones : All gymnopedies from Erik Satie (but very very sad music)

or thoses ones : All four seasons for ... the four seasons of academagia :)



or that one : Schubert The unfinished :

or that one : Bach Concerto Brandebourgeois (don't know the name in english) :

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Heh, I actually find Danse Macabre calming and The Four Seasons alarming. :) Still, those do make sense in the context of marking a new season, so it sounds solid to me. Come to think of it, I ought to see if there is any Oracle of Seasons remixes that would match up with Academagia...



Danse Baccanle: I was initially hesitant to consider it for use with Academagia, mostly because of the slightly Arabic/Middle Eastern vibe that might separate it from the seemingly European setting of the game. However, Academagia does feature an Oriental dragon in the art, and a great deal of our numerology and scientific concepts were based on the Middle East before it stagnated. Come to think of it, perhaps it would be neat if Year 3 or 4 is all about sending a Clique from each College as exchange students in a different setting - though that is just my random musing. :P




TESTING: Trying out my Google Site's upload/download function with two of the remixes that I am looking at.


Tourdian for the Electric Satyr's Masque


Red Waltz

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I love the idea of sending a clique in eastern places. Or places that would be considered exotic.

I've listened to the two tunes. I love them, but I must say they don't really fit nice in the "actual" theme of Academagia (Tourdian not at all, the red waltz not that bad). But, if we can create a student with some "heritage from the east", or having other friends that come from other countries (why not shamans ?)

In fact the game would be even more replayable with "exotic" content (heritage to chose at start, other students, merchants, adults to meet at a port, adventure)

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I am not sure to what extent that we could link music to events when the modding tools come out, so we may have to settle with the game playing random pieces. But even so, we can still help give Academagia more character, in the musical sense. Here is what we got so far:




The Four Seasons Suite (Beginning of seasons)

-Vivaldi Summer, 3rd Movement (Officially ingame)

-Winter (User-provided)


Middle Eastern themes

Danse Baccanle


General Themes

The Sorceror's Apprentice



I was able to scrounge up a copy of Winter that isn't associated with a company. Courtesy of Musopen.

The Four Seasons - Winter




On the remixes side of things, I think that getting close to exiting the orchestral birdcage is okay. While it is important to stay relevant to the game's themes, it is also important to remember that the game is young and still open to a wider variety of possibilities. I feel that what is most important in choosing music would be the emotions and themes that express a sense of Fantasy. Of course, my usual desire to listen to techno or rock wouldn't fit too well, but pieces based on orchestra, piano, and choir vocals should be a good starting point.



Revelation of Fire (Remix)


The Spring of Day (Remix, might fill in the gap of The Four Season's spring?)


Hymn of Aveh (Remix, vocals, might not fit in?)


Fuego Frio (Remix)


Dreamwalker (Remix)

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