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Just a kind of warning , english isnt my native Language and I dont have a spelling programm for english so you can expect a loot of mistakes in gramatic and spelling.

This Letters where based on a DLC 1 Patch 7b/8a Game.


1. letter (1.Athonos)


Hello Parents,


yesterday I arived at the school and meet my mentor a 3th year student with the name Oan.

The Building of the Academy is very overwelming!

Because all the money you gave me was spended for the trip and the day in the city, I decided to assist the tonic brewmaster nearly the complet Juvenalia.

I am thankfull that grandaunt Jermalina somehow was able to arange that I could study in this famous academy, but I still wonder why I was chosen to study here.

Yes I know there where some Schwarzbart in the past that where (in)famous Gate users because there are some Students that simply dont like me because of my family name.

But still I didnt show any magical abilitys in the past and Negation class today was realy to strange and confusing fo me.

I think I will do fine in the Mathematical and Logical Classes because at last I can understand what the teacher thry to teach.

But the Botanic and Music classes are my favorit so fare.


I will write you more if time permits it.


Greetings Rainer


2. letter (9.Athonos)


Hello Parents,


the first week is over and finaly I find to the class rooms without having to plan in extra time.

Last week I meet the carriage driver again who brought me to the school.

Maybe because I showed interst in his job he told me that theyx where looking for more help where he works.

So beside school and some personal training sessions at the athletic flied I worked as Cariage driver or bether sayed as helper for one.

At the weekend I assisted again the tonic brewmaster and joined a long training session at the Petanowfski Betnathraks's workshop you told me about.

On Sunday I saw Oan again and she teached me a bit about how to make frinds here at school.

Yesterday was schoolday again (man I miss the weekend already) and in the afternoon I finaly was allowed to drive a Carriage on my own at the Godina Park.


Greetings Rainer


3. letter (17.Athonos)


Hello Parents,


wow its already the 3. week on the school and finaly I found some friends.

Our clique so fare is Flore Yveuillte, Tulia Faspalla and me.

Yes you read it right I am in the same Clique as the doughter of the Castellan of Plassent, I hope this help me increase my reputation with my follow students despitey my family name.

After my last letter I did once more work in the Godina Park as Carriage Driver.

After Learning about the Stable at the Academia Grounds I worked a bit there to learn more about horses.

Saturday Oan showed me a bit how to train my owl so pleace thank my grandaunt for this nice familiar.

Alos on Saturday I learned about a location that is great to study so the next days I spend nearly all of my free time there to get a bether understanding in Dialectic.

I know I still dont understand the topics in the Negation class and it maybe would be bether to study this first but in Dialectic is current my worst non magic class.


When I find time during my Studies I will write you again.


Greetings Rainer


4. letter (23.Athonos)


Hello Parents,


last week was workshop days but because some of my classmates started a fight against a Guild clique from the city where I nealry was drawn in.

Nearly all off my free days last week I was in the Venalicium Library to study Dialectic and I think it start to pay off because I feel bether in the class and I think my general insight have improved.

Saturday I also started to read about Negation in this Library but beside that I learned a bit theory how it sould work I still dont understand Negation any bether.

Sunday I took it a bit easyer and just read a bit about music in a other part of the Venalicium Library what was kind of interesting.

Did you know they even have Books of Gate and Mastery there? Sure its a restricted part of the Library but I still wonder why they are here.

Btw. do you know who put the map into the secret compartment i found today in the birdcage of Minister Hiboux? It looks like it lead to a place near the academy so maybe I will have a look where it leads after I send this letter to you.


Greetings Rainer


5. letter (1.Pramidi)


Hello Parents,


I am complet out of breath right now because I just was chased back to the dorm by wolfflowers.

Beside this bad event today the last week was very good for me.

After my last letter I did follow the map I mentioned there and found my way blocked by some kind of strange darkness.

I thryed a simple dispel I have read about last weekend and to my wonder it worked but still something didnt feel right about my spell.

Now I saw that the darkness have hiden a Small house that is build in the midle of a swamp and the old woman live in there welcomed me.

After some talk with here I haved to go back to school but for sure if my study permit it I will vist here again.

On my backway I found a realy beautifull flower that also smelled nice and because I didnt pluck the flower some strang woman apeared and gave me a small emerald bevore both disapeared.

The next day I continued to learn about Negation but wasnt able to reproduce my success from yesterday.

Because I still wasnt able to cast a spell I asked my Mentor for advice and she teached me a simple spell that I finaly could reproduce on my own.

On Friday during Music class I even managed to cast a other spell so I decided its worth to sudy negation more.

Saturday I worked at the Stables so I could over my thanks at the Tempel of Arcadius that I am not this unmagical as I thought I was.

Yesterday I got back to the library to again learn more about Negation.

Thats all for now and I am sure I will write you again next week.


Greetings Rainer


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6. letter (10.Pramidi)


Hello Parents,


Wednesday last week just wasnt my day, first during negation class I was ask to cast a spell but I simply didnt manage it and so blamed me in front of the complet class.

In the evening then I thryed to helped at a place where the poor could get some meal but it looked like I messed it all up.

I burnt the food, put the wrong vegatbles in the pot and even cut me in my finger peeling some vegatbles. Lucky I am still welcome there to help.

On thursday Because I was able to block a Hammer trown at me the smith could thake up the hamer and caputer this thive.

Thanks to this Heroic deed Irene Oxina also joined our clique and became a friend of my.

Saturday I took a break in my study and helped at the stables and toward the evening Oan showed me that even places can have magical abilitys.

Maybe I sould explore the soroundings at home for such places, when I am back home in the summer ?

Yesterday when I haved a walk because I haved enough from the studys I encountered Trolls!!!

You read right Trolls but not the agressive kind they instead studyed some pices that looks like art!

Sadly I couldent bring up the curage to talk to them but still it was a interesting encounter.


Thats all for today more in my next letter,


Greetings Rainer


7. letter (18.Pramidi)


Hello Parents,


My Studys of both Music and Negation in the last days finaly bear fruits. Somehow not just this 2 classes get easyer but I can even bether follow the Dialectic, Arithmetic and Geometry classes.

Also I finaly be able to cast my first Negation magic spell, its just a simple ward spell called Veil of Aversion but its a start.

Saturday I took a break from Studying and worked again in the Beggar's Corner but this time I actual was able to help and managed to not cut me in the finger like last time but still the other helper haved a constant eye on me.

In the evening I did then some extensive training with Minister Hiboux because and this was a good and necesary exersise for both of us.

Even the encounter of a strange Man who wasnt willing to talk much instead shooed us away didnt break up or training for long.

Sunday when I made a break in my Studys and did go to a nearby Tavern for Lunch I heard some adventurers talk about theyr storys and some other battles.

It was very interesting to hear theyr storys sadly I didnt have enough curage to talk to them.

Tuesday I encountered a agressive Troll who somehow got at our schoolground.

Because I was in a bad postion to escape I pretend to attack him (a tactic I just heared from the adventurers) and when he swings at me I was able to doge him and the same time bring him out of balance.

Because the Troll was knocked out when he hit the tree that blocked my escape I could get a teacher.


Thats all for today more in my next letter,


Greetings Rainer


8. letter (26.Pramidi)


Hello Parents,


This Saturday like last Saturday I helped again at the Beggar's Corner but now I slowly become confident in assisting cooking here, sure its still not enough to cook something on my own.

Also I visited the hut in the swamp again and the old women still remembered me, she even told me that she will help me to understand magic in all its facetes a bit bether if I visit here again.

Some Students sould have a bether eye on theyr familiars, today I barly managed to prevent the snake familar from Ulivia Valaresso to eat a rat familiar of a other student.

Sure we arent allowed to take our familiars to the classes but such things simply souldent hapen.

Did you know that there are at last 4 Librarys at the Academy?

So fare I only visited the Library of Longshade and the Venalicium Library but I also know there are the Library of Manetel and the Library of the Mantle of Stars.

Why I write this is when I went to the Library of Longshade this wednesday I encounterd Books who fighting other books just for a bit more space at the bookshelfs.

Because of my Studys in Dialectic I very fast found a book about a famous peacemaker and was able to end this war of books.

After this weekend there are the Festival of Pixies and The Dance of Fools what makes me wonder how they will celebrate here.

I hope I can write about this fests in my next letter,


Greetings Rainer


9. letter (4.Gelamenus)


Hello Parents,


just bevore I write this letter to you a thieve that uses magic for disguising thryed to thake my money but I could see through here magic and was prepared so she didnt success on me.

Last saturday I haved to deliver a letter to the Regent of our College Polisena Briardi from the Headmaster him self, what a honor!

Later I discovered that the Letter contained the information that the Ambassador of Pregoria will have a visit to the Academy.

Even though our Regent didnt talk nice about this Ambasador, something about he is corrupt and such things, I have to find a way to see this Ambassador!

I also learned a loot about Mammals because I again helped at the stables nearly the complet rest of this saturday.

The Festival of Pixies wasnt much fun for me becuase I took the short end of the pranks so I spend most of the time helping at the Beggar's Corner.

But the Dance of Fools was great even though I didnt join with my own creation the costumes of the otheres where a great lough.

In the Evening we continued the Party at a Tavern and some of the people who played pranks on me looked rater sick at the next school day. (First Event I encountered that I haved to shift 1 day for making sense in the story)

Monday Evening I got attacked by a furlang that haved disguised him selve as our Cook, I managed to escape its attacks and was able to tell a Professor who then managed to dispach this beast and save our real cook.

This week Aveline Cincebeauxe also joined our Clique, but now I start to wonder what all the non Durand whant in a Clique called The Champions of Durand.


Thats all for todays letter,


Greetings Rainer


10. letter (11.Gelamenus)


Hello Parents,


thanks to the help of my Mentor I was able to save the Professor William Vickery from a bee swarm attack last week.

From the cooking at the Begars Corner I did nearly the complet last weekend I learnt a loot about cooking so I think I even can now prepear my own meals.

I also reached the point where I am able to cast the religous spell Cleanse and Remake, I put great hope in this spell to finaly get ahead of the rest of my classes without spending all the time just studing in a library.

The Festival of the Hunt was a search for a special Egg and I actual found it and also a wand a student lost. Maybe I managed this because I improved my self just bevore through the ritual of Cleanse and Remake.

When I brought the wand back to here owner she was very happy about this, but I still wonder how one can lose something so importend like a wand. (next 1 day shift of a event because it suited bether here)

During this Festival day I also worked, probably for the last time, at the begars corner so we haved a nice good bye.

Also I did again driving a cariage at the Godina Park but sadly I only get the regular pay despit the Festival Day.

Tuesday this week someone put a petrifaction trap on my room door, to my luck I was able to negate this spell but if I ever find out who did this he will surly be in trouble.


Thats all for the last days,


Greetings Rainer


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11. letter (20.Gelamenus)


Hello Parents,


it aprears that there are some rumors around that I can fly but sadly thats not truh because so fare I only know very vew spells outside the negation sphere and can cast even vewer.

The Power of the Cleanse and Remake spell already starting to fade after 4 days so I used most of my free time on Friday to cast this ritual again.

Saturday after I did some more work at the Gondia Park Carriage Station and helped a bit at the Stables in the Academy, Oan and I did go together for Shoping.

When my Mentor and I was split up I discoverd a shop in a side alley but as I apoached it I was attacked with lightnigs!

Good that by now I am able to shield my self from such Hostile Magic. After this rater dangerous event I found Oan again and he showed me a good Wand shop.

I hope at one time I actual can buy one of the wands from there but for now I whant to save up my money so that I can pay the tution for the Esteban Contu's School of Incanation.

Sunday I payed a visit to a library I wasnt so fare. The Library of Mantetel mainly contains books about work at a Forge and Revision magic sphere.

During a break in my Study of this new subjects I went out with Minister Hiboux we encounterd a strang flying platform that looks like a replica of the region.

Our Clique gets even larger now Avgust Kostrodyrets also joined. I wonder if the Clique realy will hold together with so many people that I barly knew.

For the Midterm Exams the only Topic I am curently sure I will get good grades in the Midterm Exam as strange it sounds is Negation. Especial in Dialectic and Geometry I am unsecure if I will reach the necesary 50%.

Thats why I will start to review what we have learned at the classes and because of this I am not sure when I will find the time to write you again,


Greetings Rainer


12. letter (28.Gelamenus)


Hello Parents,


right after writing my last letter Oan invited me to see a duel betwean her self and a other 3th year. It was rater impresive what kind of spells they have used then, thanks to a other 3. year I even learned a bit from this show.

After a long and interesting fight my Mentor wone but because I needed to learn for the exams I didnt join theyr wining party.

Dont tell any one but on Sunday I did go to Ministery of Substitution and Transportation to check out some missing History of things I learned in the Classes and to put my Dialectic skills to a test.

If any Teacher will learn about this I will for sure have detention.

Monday I haved a interesting talk with Professer Vickery about some plants so that I even was allowed to stay for a time in the Professors' Lounge.

Saturday when I took a break from studing because I encounterd a anoying book spirit in the library, I did go out with my Familiar for some training but soon we discovered again this strage Platform I writen about in the last letter.

So this time I decided to find out more about them. To my luck I found that this Platform leave some dirt trail that I could follow.

After I followed this trail for some time I discovered that this platform must have theyr base in the Mountains.

I will go there when I am bether prepared for a trip into the Montains but for now I have the exams to worry about.

Yesterdays Evning I did arive a bit late for the fest hold at the academy, because I again was doing some research at the Ministery of Substitution and Transportation, but sadly the guards didnt alow me to join so haved to leave hungry!

Today I plan to go back to my studys in the Library of Mantetel after I performed the Ritual of Cleanse and Remake again.


Next week I have to write 3 Exam so dont expect any new letter from me bevore the end of that week,


Greetings Rainer


13. letter (6.Cheimare)


Hello Parents,


its the 13 letter I write to you so lets start with a ancient that hapend to me during mondays Dialectic Class.

During the Class our Teacher Mr Sido, handed a object to us about our todays class topic, as it was handed to my it sliped trough my hands and break in many pices.

Because I also told the Professor that it was me who haved broken it, I hope that you dont have to pay for it.

The other days till thursday where rather uneventfull so I will start now about the exam days.

On thursday we writen the botany exam and I barly managed to get the 50 points that I am told we need. To my embrasement other Students scored much bether then me and one Student even got 71 points.

In the Geometry Exam on friday I scored bether with 60 points but still there where 5 students who scored higher then me.

Maybe I sould study a bit more with Flore Yveuillet from my Clique because she scored the highest in geometry with 81 points and even yesterday in botany she did a bit bether then me.

As if this wasnt enough in the evening of this friday when I did a bit jogging I nearly was overrun from a huge Boulder that a other student "aciential" set lose with here magic.

Only because I am already got used to Negation magic I was fast enough with a spell to take the momentum out of this boulder.

In todays Dialectic exam I finaly scored the highest but it still only was 50 points but the second best, Flore from my clique, only scored 38 points!

So even the extra credit Professor Sido offered today for some special asignments didnt realy help the other students.

Hopefull Flore and I can find some time to study together because obviouse she need some help in dialectic and I can use here help in Geometry.


I still have 2 week of exam in front of me so this is all for now,


Greetings you son Rainer


14. letter (14.Cheimare)


Dear Parents,


last sunday I continued in studying a bit about the past-times in hope that this will help me in the exam to come.

In the evening I then haved a nice talk about the history of magic with the women who lived out there in the swamp and this actual helped me to see some conections I didnt see bevore.

You remember, in last weeks letter I mentioned that I broken a show obejct?

Professor Sido aranged it now that I only have to tidy after the smiths in the Grand Forge of Vernin a vew times and they will fix it for him. This tuesday and thursday where the first time I haved to do this assignment.

As expected this wednesday I was the best in the Negation exam with 120 points, this would be even enough to have a good final exam resoult.

On Friday Philippe Marchant a known bully decided that tody its my turn to get some beating from him. I still dont know why but what I heard about him he dont need a reason to do this.

Yesterday then I did assisted the clerks of the renalzian reginal bank to get the money together for the entry fee of the Estebans Contu's School.

In the evening then I did go to the infirmary and afterward took some rest because the bruises I got from Philippe still hurted and the stress of the last days slowly got to much.

Today Morning I did some work for Mr Neelin of the Serra Quorro's court but I am not sure if I ever what to work there again!

Sure they pay there is good but just after this half day of work I am total drained out.


Next week I will have the last 2 exam so dont expect me to write the next letter bevor next weekend.


Greetings your son Rainer


15. letter (21.Cheimare)


Dear Parents,


after my last letter I payed again a visit to the hut in the swamp where I learned a bit more about the posiblitys of magic and some live philosophys.

Monday Morning again I was the only who scored 50 points this time in the Arimethic exam but still my score was the highest of all for this class!

In the afternoon when I was the first to leave Geometry class I heared some strange noice from the left and there was it a tornado heading in my direction!

But when I saw that it obviously was a failed spell from Kurt Henning a fast dispel was enough to stop the tornado and after a vew moments the tornado finaly complet fanished.

Hopefull or teacher Mr Monttario will manage to teach Kurt to be more carefull with his spells during the detention he surley got from this.

Monday and Wednesday evening I still haved to tidy after the smiths but wednesday was finaly the last time for it.

Thursday was my last midtherm exam.

In this music exam I scored second with 70 points but the best was Katja Quinnecht, there is no one on this school who can competede against here skills in violin.

During my work at the Grand Forge I saw how apprentice and master smiths used Enchantments on theyr crafts when I worked at the Grand Forge, I did go to the library thursday evening to have a look for some of the things I saw there.

This weekend I was able to pass the entry test from a secret society, thanks to the women form the swamp. Because its a secret society I bether dont write any more details here in the letter.

Today I already was able to join one of the trainings of this secret society and still was able to study more about the things I saw in the Grand Forge bevore I writen this leter to you.

I hope you where happy with my exam resoults overall because I think I did good compared to the other students.


in this letter enclosed is a small metall-token you have to give grandaunt Jermalina so she knows that I started to follow in here fottsteps.

Thats all for todays letter,


Greetings your son Rainer



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16. letter (28.Cheimare)


Dear Parents,


This monday some of the Older Students thought its fun to test some of theyr water spells against students of the 1. semester to my luck I was able to escape bevore they realy started.

Tursday some Firebeetles make theyr apearance during the classes so our Professors brought us all to the Great Hall till they cleaned up this menace.

The worst thing off all was that the gosip about our family was famous in the past of been gate useres so I surly must have summoned this beasts.

But this time I was able to silence the one who brought up this topic, at last for now.

Oh and slowly I geting a basic Understaning of the magics of Revision and Enchant thanks to the long times I studyd this subjects now in the Library of Manetele and I also think my crafting skills improved from this.

Friday finaly was the visit of the Ambassador of Pregoria I writen about in my letter from 4.Gelamenus.

I even manage to sneak in to the party only to see that our Regent was right and they payed one of the older servants a loot of money just secure that they be left alone in theyr room.

So I decided to put a visit to theyr room to discover what they are up to and found a note that theyr real goal of this visit is to get theyr hand on a artifact with the name blackhorse by all means!

Yesterday I could actualy follow one of the members of the Ambasador when he asked around in the city about this artifact but I nearly was be chought doing this only a spell I learnt recently helped me out.

Today Evening I have to perform the Ritual Cleanse and Remake again bavore its power fades, slowly I wonder if it is realy wort to cast it every 4. day.


I hope I have some time to find out what I can do next about the Ambassadors Artifact hunt! I will probably write you in the next letter if I managed to come up to a good solution for this problem,


Greetings your son Rainer


17. letter (1.Hionosi)


Dear Parents,


today is our first school day after winter break and because this winter break was very event full I already writen today.

During the Passing I did some research on our ancestors and start to wonder how we realy related to grandaunt Jermalina.

I only found one record about a Jermalina Schwarzbart but shes the grandma of the grandpa of the grandpa of fathers grandma!

The rest of the Passing I used to learn more about Revision and Enchantment magic.

While I was at the library some new Artifice books arived so I helped the Librarian to sort them in and in return I got one of this books.

During the day of the Wedding Fest we actualy haved a weeding fest here at the academy.

Because I heared the Ambassador will pay a visit to this weeding fest I decided to sneak in together with Raoul Laconte.

It was realy a beautifull fest and the ambassador was realy there but didnt do anything strange to my observation.

On this day I also finaly managed to pay the Tuition for the Esteban Contu's School, probably the best school for Incanation magic!

During the Muneris first my robe was thearing when I was on my way to the tempel, but I managed to fix this with a small spell and as this was not enough a bird have stolen my tiding bag when I casted the spell!

But this bad luck didnt last to long because I manged to get my money bag back from this thievish bird.

For the rest of this day I didnt leave the Library of Manetele except for eating and then sleeping because I haved enough bad luck for one day.

About your relatives I was douring the Iterian Fest, I am not sure if they ever whant to see me again because I when I used some magic to speed up the cleaning I actual destroyed theyr candleholders.

But I wonder why they forced me to clean theyr complet house in the first place.

On my way back to the academy I did thake a short cut and walked by ancient over a troll bridge. With some Luck and loot of flatery I managed to confince the troll that I didnt mean anything bad because of this.

I probably will write you again next week,


Greetings your son Rainer


18. letter (10.Hionosi)


Dear Parents,


I didnt give up my task to twart the plan of the Ambassadors of Pregoria and wednesday night I finaly found the blackhorse at our school grounds!

But apearently I wasnt carfull enough because one of the members of the Ambasador headed in my direction.

After some quick thinking I casted a spell to set a griffin free and and this griffin than did take care of chaser so I could escape.

For now I have hiden the Horsestattue in the hiden hallways hopefull this will give me enough time.

I know I will probably need the convesion of one of the member of the Ambasador but for this I probably need to do some preparation so I can do it earlyst next weekend.

Sadly this day also one off the first plants I haved in my room died, even a reviving potion for plants didnt realy help here.

Last weekend I finaly was able to study at the Estaban Contus School and wow theyr realy good in teaching Incanation magic!

In just this 2 days I probably learned more about Incanation magic then I learned in the first month at the academagica in Negation Magic!

Sunday Night I was invited to join a gambling room some student put up here in college.

Out of curiosity I did go there only to dicover the tables where manipulated and that even very obviouse!

So I used my knowledge to win a vew coins and then I left to get a good nights rest.


As writen above this weekend I am in front of a difficult task so wish me luck with it,


Greetings your son Rainer


19. letter (17.Hionosi)


Dear Parents,


last Firday I needed to colect some ingredients in the woods. Because a Bear was at the best place to collect on of the ingredients I nearly was to give up.

To my luck I then heared a bear cup and after realising it was stuck in a bush I freede it and then mother and cup left this place so I could continue my collecting.

Saturday then I was at the market to get some final suplies for the spells I need on sunday when I came up to a thiev who steals some fruits.

To not let him get away with his theft I cast a smal spell to animate the fruits in his bags, that was kind of fun to see the thiefs face when he realised that his stolen things came to live.

After the guard then took the thief away I even got a bit of money from the shopkeeper.

Sunday now was the day to get a confession from one of the members of the ambassador.

After some preperation spells I got the report from some of my friends that one of his members is alone in his room this was now our time!

Sneaking into his room we fast set him under a spell so we get our answaers with some knowledge how animals would akt in similiar situations we were able to record his confession.

With this confession we finaly could hand the blackhorse over to our Regent and the Ambasador then haved to leave the next day.

Sadly we didnt get any real reward from it because we bend the rules to many times to get to this result.

Yesterday when I passed along the Great Forge I realised that the Magical Fire inside there must gotten out of control.

Wenn opening the door the Fire allready thryed to atack me but with the spell I already haved prepared the fire soon fanished.

Also yesterday I got involfed in a dare about acting like a Scarlet Adventure I reread some of theyr storys and came up with a great plan.

Today Morning I released many birds with a note on theyr feets.

After enough Students collected outside I released the message from the birds so it falls to the ground to be collected from the students.

In all this Messages I have hinted that something special will happening tonight and were signed with the Scarlet Adventure.

After todays dinner I will start a huge Firework that hopefull in its form is rarly seen on the academy grounds.


I now have to make the final preperations for this fire work, sadly that you cant be here to see it.


Greetings your son Rainer


20. letter (25.Hionosi)


Dear Parents,


last Friday some Members of my Clique and I where summoned to the Headmaster and we feared for the worst.

But it apeared because he was kind of impressed how we handled the issue with the Ambassador we now should assist him for some kind of special assignments.

We were happy to accept and our first mission was to search the schoolgrounds for some pirats he expect to be there and I was declared to be the group Leader of this searching team.

After a short meditative prayer the gods then send me a prety good image where I have to search.

Even with some of my team mates distrusted my search pattern, because it looked kind of random to them, I know what I where searching for and so soon found sleeping place of this pirats.

On our way back to the office of the Headmaster some kind of glassball rolled past us and a Professor called from behind to stop it.

So with a simply wind charm I manged to stop this ball and the Professor then happy took it from the ground and left after he thanked me.

Back on my way to my dorm a student of the morvidus college then thryed to cast bitter salks on me, a spell that usualy is used to keep bugs away from plants but also have some negative effects on human as well, but my negation spell was faster.

Last weekend then I again took classes at the Esteban Contu School and now learned all the nice stuff about Incanation Magic a Student of Incantation at the Acadamagica would learn in 1.year from his classes and this in just 2 weekends.

At the end of the Sunday I even got a Invitation to the Incantors Workshop at the Academagica.

Tuesday I again was summoned to the Headmaster's office for a other search mission, this time we where in Search for the famous magican-thief Ilaro.

After some search trough the woods I found the staff of this thief lying on the forest soil.

When I runned to pick up the staff I nearly stept on some kind of alarm system or trap but I discovered early enpough to jomp over it.

Then I got hold on the Staff just to find out that Ilaro who was sitting on some kind of holw in a big tree hold the other end, that couldent be good.

All of the suden the Headmaster apeared next to me and so a duel of two very powerfull Mages started.

Soon it apeared to me that theyr power is almost even so I used my eyes to give the Headmaster a slight advance in using the terain for his advance.

When the Headmaster tne nearly wone this Duel a swarm of Pixies apeared and somehow this staff of Ilaro reacted to them and then booom some kind of magic storm began to start.

We managed it back to the academy with our prisoner just in time bevore the storm got to bad.

After the Headmaster got some other Helpers I was dismissed from my task but soon realised I am standing alone in a place of the acdemy I wasnt bevore!

Because of the storm I didnt whant to head outside so I searched for my way through the hallways fo the academy.

And soon I was complet lost when some kind of moaning did come from no where at first I thought its a ghost but then I realised it comes from the wall.

Then it comes to me it must be the Weeping Wall I have read about, not only did I now know where I was, no I even haved a Interesting talk with a wall!

If this wasnt enough intersting things for one day I even ended up with a very strange amulet.

This strange Magical storm now already rampage for over 2 days with no signs of weakening so we have to say inside the complet day.

Outside the classes we now even have to help making emergency repairs, I only can Imagine how bad this storm must be to the people at the city when even a solid building like the academagica takes damage!


I hope my letter will still reach you somehow but thats not sure under this conditions.


Greetings your son Rainer



Edit 1: added 17. letter

Edit 2: added parts of the 18. letter but cant continue for now because of a CTD

Edit 3: Patch 8 fixed the CTD but now Cleanse and Remake is broken at last for my other RPG Game so this game is still on Hold

Edit 4: finished letter 18

Edit 5: finished letter 19

Edit 6: finished letter 20 and also made some small fixes in letter 19

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21. letter (5.Nivelos)


Dear Parents,


after my last letter the storm still was at its full force for some days bevore it waned this week.

Last week I started to think the Hadmaster was gone crazy because he asked me to craft a Invisiblity cloak.

Artificing is something we will learn in year 2 if we thake the right classes but even if I would know how to do it I still would miss the skills in glamour magic for the effect.

Also looking in the Artifice Book I got some times ago didnt help me in crafting such a thing but then I remberd that there is potion that could do the same thing.

After some search in our Librarys I finaly fount the reciept for this potion but realised its probably to difficult for me alone and also none of the Members of my Clique where able to do this.

So I thryed to get me the Assistance of the Tonic Brewmaster at our Infermary, working there at the friday, but all I got is that he allowed me to use his equipment and to have a eye on me in chase something dangerous hapens.

After I spend the complet Saturday reading at the Library I came up to a plan.

So I casted the rater difficult spell Revision of Skills and with this I could press this very difficult reciept into the melody of a famous song so I could work in the rhythm of this song without missing a step creating the potion.

Late afternoon I then was finished with the cloak and all have worked out great, I finaly hold a Invisiblecloak in my hands that even dont radiate magic as a magical enhanced would have done.

The night to Wednesday the Magical Storm abruptly ended.

In the Morning Some Member of my Clique and I haved to visit the Headmasters Office where the Headmaster told us that we now have to guard the room where Ilaro is looked in because the older Students have other dutys.

Some Members of my clique whanted to take shifts where only one person watched ot at a time but I know how dangerous Ilaro is first hand so I used some animal analogies to convince them that we need to have at last 3 persons guarding him at a time.

From other students we heared that the outside is realy a mess and the city was hit very hard but more important some kind of floating island apeared in the air.

I writen this letter today during my guard time because even with 2 other people its boring as hell!


Greetings your son Rainer


22. letter (11.Nivelos)


Dear Parents,


he escaped, Ilaro somehow escaped during the guard time of a other group last Saturday.

When we arived for our shift we found the other team KO at the ground and the door busted open.

Because the other team only was KO we orderd other Students to bring them to the Infermary and we started to look for clues where Ilaro headed.

With some good Intuition and thanks to a nice running spell from a team-member we found Ilaro and apearently he head for the Imperial Palace.

But then all of the suden we where back at our Academy and I dont know how he managed to teleport us.

When we reported to the Headmaster he shruged and sayed for now he will be ok there.

Sometimes I simply dont get the adults and now was such a time because after this I wonderd why all the stress for capturing him, imprisson him and then let us student guard him?

Where all this guarding duties for nothing?

After I helped in the city in theyr rebuild effords on sunday I was summoned to the Headmaster office and the Headmaster now request me to find out a way to read this map as he handed me a paper that only showed some diffuse contours.

When I focused to much on this map my mind did become dizzy so I haved to find a way to remove this protection first.

After I did some Mathematical Calculations I tryed a Negation spell and actual made the map readable to me.

When I told the headmaster he imediatly headed of with me to the Imperial Palce where the map showed some secret entry.

On the way he told me that we have to save Ilaro from pirats that have took over the palce.

I then directed the Headmaster acording to the map on the complet way trhough this labyrint the headmast casted spells in diverent directions.

Our way ended in front of a wall and after a short talk with Ilaro he busted this wall away. Now the Headmaster told Ilaro to send me back to the Academy because I wouldent be much of help fighting Pirats.

A vew moments later then I found my self in the Academy.

At least I earned some Fame as one of the most trusted students of the Headmaster from all this.

After this I was happy that beside tha small forest fire I managed to put out with a spell nothing special hapend.

For now its already enough that we still have to assist the rebuilding efforts beside our classes.


I wish you a nice The Sententae fest,


Greetings your son Rainer


23. letter (20.Nivelos)


Dear Parents,


By Saturday last week the city live slowly became normal again so I could visit the Freakshow of the circus, and do some shoping.

But most of the long weekend I sepend driving Cariages to earn some pims.

I think the Fest we haved at the Sententae was at a real good time we all could use some amuesment.

Even a embrasing Text about me writen on a wall in the ballroom couldent dimish this for me because with all the expirience I made in the last weeks this text was gone in a vew seconds without anyone realising I was using magic.

I thought I haved enough from taking riski tasks for some time but this week Tuesday when our class was chancled during our lesson I had to follow the Professor to see whats up.

When they did go through a door I couldent imediatly follow them because it was Magical Sealedbut compared to the Map this seal was easy to break with my Negation magic.

Sadly it was only about some Technical problem and I was even spoted but instead of geting a detention I even got 1 Merit point for my College because I managed to Negate the Spell on the door.

Thursday I tryed my Luck in the Test for becomming a Jorneyman at the Ironcloak's Forge just to see how it is to do the things I read about.

Sure the Pracitcal part was quit hard but because I was so good in the Theoretical part I am now actual a Jorneyman there and allowed to work there if my time permits it.

This week I also discovered a great book series about Kerlok Homes a Master Smith wo during his free time solve difficult chases with his knowledge of Revision Magic and His powerfull logical thinking.

I hope I find some more time to read trough this wonderfull storys.


This letter apears to be a bit shorter then the last but this weeks wasnt nearly as eventfull as the last weeks. I wish you nice Festival of Iasos,


Greetings your son Rainer



24. letter (28.Nivelos) this time I realy haved to shift the time of the adventure a bit to get a not to bad break point


Dear Parents,


wit all the reading of the storys of Kerlok Homes I became interested in seeing a court.

When I learned that one of my class members work parttime at the Stenephan Pastis´Court I was more then happy when last Sunday he agreed to show me around.

During the complet rest of this Sunday and also Monday after school I watched the court from the Observation Platform so interesting was it.

The Festival if Iasos was fun because I could play the Teacher and the Profesors where the students.

One of the books I used during my Lesson was somehow messed up but with a simple spell I manged to fix this problem.

In the Evening even a Satyr Band joined our fest. At first they played theyr magical satyr music but after a reminder from me that humans are not so good suited for this kind of music they started to play normal but still beutifull music.

Tuesday I worked the first time now at the Ironcloak's Forge and its realy hard work because the Master dont allows many breaks but at the end of the day its great to see the finished pice and you know for what you have worked.

After school at wednesday I started reading a other Kerlok Homes book and nearly missed dinner time so faszinating was it.

If you have this books at our local library and find some time to read you realy sould read this storys!

This weekend my clique made a trip the Mountains because of my suggesion. I rembered that there is still the mystery about this flying platforms to solve.

Even if they are gone after all this time we can colect new suplies on our way and one night outside of the walls of the academy sounds like fun.

At first the trip was rater uneventfull and we even found some plants we could use for classes but when we reached the point where I hink I turned around the last time we got atacked from Trees.

To our luck this trees were rater slow and apearently restricted to a certain area so we easy could outmanouver them.

The only small problem we got is that Tulia lost here wand during this but with a small windspell she hold here wand soon again in here hands.

We then camped for the night at a good spot far away from the moving trees.

Today we then discovered that a apearently mad wizard handle some kind a machine that did control the trees and the flying Plaforms.

Minister Hiboux also told me that some kind of Stone Shield flying towards this postion and there is only one Stone Shiled I know that could come from this direction a artefact from the Academagica!

Working together we managed to stop this shield from flying any future toward the wizard sadly after we secured the shield we saw thy wizzard flying away with his machine to a place that we cant reach with our curent equipment.

So we brought the shield back to the Acadmagica for now and because of my special status with the Headmaster we didnt even haved to answear to much questions.


I wish you all a great Festival of Durand's Road,


Greetings your son Rainer


25. letter (7.Aruit)


Dear Parents,


during the Festival of Durand Road we again headed for the Mountain, this time we wanted to capture this mad wizard.

This time we build a bridge out of roots, with the help of our familiars and some magic, to the enrance of the wizards hiding-place.

After we entered the wizards den we haved to split up so I was alone when I found him.

I then used the moment of suprice to start a duel and because I already haved prepeared me to use some kind of famous song with a changing rythm as background for my duel pattern.

When during the Fight one of my Negation Spells hit him he turned to dust leaving me baffed about what was happening.

Bevore we left I did some mathematical calculations and then removed then cloudwood from this Mechanical device the mad wizard used so it falled down the deep chasm its was hovering above.

After I reported our success to the Headmaster I am now allowed to wear the Shield of Basal the artifact the mad wizard tryed to steal.

We where even early enough back to join some dragon vs non dragon game and my team wone because I found a perfect hiding place.

This weekend I visited the women in the swamp again and during my stay I even learned some new things about Animals and also how to cast a powerfull Firespell.

As always it was nice to talk with here and bevore I realised it was to late to return to the Acedamagica so I spended both days at here home.


Greetings your son Rainer


Edit 1: Finished letter 21

Edit 2: Added the unfinished letter 22 (haved to take a break again)

Edit 3: Finished letter 22 and added the first lines of letter 23

Edit 4: Finished letter 23

Edit 5: Added letter 24

Edit 6: Added first part of letter 25 (will take a break now)

Edit 7: Slight rewrite of what I published in Edit 6 and finished letter 25

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Very good read so far, while your english isn't perfect it's still pretty easy to understand everything you write.

Keep up the good work. :D

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Sadly I loost my first writing of letter 26 when sending it so I am not sure If I managed to put all in again.


26. letter (14.Aruit)


Dear Parents,


the Professors now already start to reapeat what we already have learned, except for Arithmetic and Dialectic, so classes became kind of boring.

But now to what hapened during this week.

Wednesday when I worked at the Ironcloak's Forge again, to my wondering a other 1st year studend of the Academagica worked there today also.

When the Master left the Forge for some talk with a customer the other student casted some kind of animation spell on his tools and after this they did go crazy.

But with all my expirience in the past with Negation Magic I immediatly Negated this apearently broken spell and managed so bevore someone got hurt.

All the other Student now had to do is to collect his tools from the forge floor so he could continue his work but now without using this magic again.

This week also Oan, my Mentor from the start of this year, came to me again and asked if I whant to help him in here search for the Trees of Knowledge and sure I was in.

Friday then we searched in a old warhouse for some hint till I found a magical portal that we could open after we also found the wooden guardian and we managed to convince him.

At the other side of the portal we where in a cave that abpearently blocked out most of the common light sources including the magical we thryed.

So with only the light of the gate there was no way we could get through this at last until I found some insect that emited light.

With a spell Oan managed to gather some of this insects and they the lightet us the way to the other side.

When we left the cave whe where at some clearing only contain withered or dead plants so it was a sad sight.

Apearentliy Oan didnt get the reaction she hoped from be here so we searched the sourndings.

From a small old creature, I have found after some search, we got new hints.

Oan immediatly headed back to the Academy after heard the hints and left me behind.

When I then entered the cave again I spoted a light not comming from the insects and also not comming from the gate.

So I did go there first and discovered that its a door that was emithing this light.

After I carfull eximed this door I managed to open this door with a spell and discovered Hant's Bracelet in a chest behind this door.

Hant's Bracelet is a major magical item that thought to be lost and now I am the new owner of it!

Saturday we continued our search for the Trees of Knowledge this time our goal was the Imperial Reserve.

Sadly my mind goes fuzzy when I think about what we did in the Imperial Reserve the only thing I remember for sure is that we managed to enter and leave it through a hole in the hedge.

Sunday we then managed to find the way to the Trees of Knowledge after we managed to get past a huge horde of praying mantis but the way we took to get there is all clouded.

When we talked to the Trees of Knowledge we where garented some kind of Wissdom I have requested with carfull wording.

And truly It feels like my mind is now sharper then ever bevore.

Sadly they apearently took the memory about how to get to them from us or else I would be remember the missing time.


Looks like this letter got very long so thats all from this week,


Greetings your son Rainer


27. letter (21.Aruit)


Dear Parents,


last tuesday one other 1st year asked me for help because a plant started growing so I fast put some integriences together to get a tincture that cured him from this plight.

Most of this weeks school days I was watching the Stephan Pastis Court after classes again because I find it kind of interesting.

On one day of last week I somehow did come in contact with some itchleavs but to my luck I remember moms cure for this and so I could cure this itching on my own.

This weekend I was aproached from two of my Clique Members that they need some help from me.

Tulia absolut whant to become Hall Monitor and Irene some how whant me to help stop gossips.

So after some search through our Librarys I came up with the idea that probably a muffler would be ther right thing for what Irena ask for.

But what Tulia is up to is kind of crazy she what o arange a big illegal party so that she can bust it.

First we needed a room for this and she for this she whant to have the the Observatory! As if it is so easy to get hold on the keys to this so no one knows that we have it.

So I haved to sneak into the caretakes room to get the key and to my luck he was deep asleep so it wasnt as difficult as expected.

With some phrases from Famous Dilemas


I hope it dont get any stranger next week what this 2 ask me to assist them,


Greetings your son Rainer


28. letter (28.Aruit)


Dear Parents,


apearently Irena was hapy enough with the idea for a Muffler so I could focus on the help Tulia asked for this week.

Monday some friends and I did come back a bit late from the city and dicovered the gates are allready closed.

Because there was no light at the Guardhouse so we looked around and found one of the windows where open at the guard house.

So one of us haved to sneak into the guard house and open the gates and sadly I was the one who haved to do it.

To my wondering the guard was sleeping insinde and I could easy open the gates. I think this will gives a bad awakening for the guard when he realise the gate was opened when he sleept on duty!

Sadly this Tuesday I readed the last book of Kerlok Homes I could find in our Librarys, it was again agreat reading but its kind of sad that there are not more books of this series.

Wednesday I haved to do some shoping for Tulia because she whanted to creat some special firework she need gunpowder, so I haved to trick a shopkeeper with a spell so that I could "buy" it.

When I brought here the gunpowder she then mentioned she need a new schooluniform for this.

After I spend some time in the Library to search for a Spell to make a robe as she whanted it out of a old one I came up with a Glamour spell.

Because so fare I never haved any interest in Glamour magic I asked a other student for help and in return I trained him a bit in Running.

Friday I was the main-singer at a school performance but someone put a prank on me so I sounded more like a frog.

To my Luck I fast rememberd the way to dispell this and a Professor could hand me the necessary material so the performance could be continued and ended in a great sucess.

Yesterday In the Morning I worked again at the Ironcloaks Forge so I at last weork there once every second week.

When I got back to the Academy I got the robe from the other Student and it looked great but when I brought it to Tulia she she first asked me to gater the reply slips from here invitation bevore she smiling looked at here new cloths.

With some phrases from a good famous dilemmas book it didnt take to long to gater the reply slips.

Today Morning some Friends and I got a Tour through the Dimmae Theater a intersting building much larger and also differnt from what we have at the academy for public performances.

Tonight we will have the Party that Tulia whanted to bust but I will wirte about this in my next letter


Wish you a great Festival of Blooms


Greetings your son Rainer


29. letter (7.Veranix)


Dear Parents,


as writen in my last letter sunday in the evening we haved finaly the Party that Tuli and I have organiced.

At the Party then she confessed that she orginaly planed to turn me in as the organicer but now she dont whant to do this not only for the clique also because she dont whant to lose me as a friend.

So this we now haved a great Party with many other students, a very beautiful but soundless fire work and no one who went to the Professors to bust it.

This Festival of Blooms was realy something first I got a price because of my Great magical Skills and after the Fest was over I sneaked to the Emperor Sphinx's Room.

There I talked to the Sphinx for a very long time about differnt topics but the main focus was Revision Magic.

When I left the Sphinx because I got tired I wonderd that it was still day just but realised then its already the next day so I missed the classes on the 1 because I realy needed some sleep.

To my wondering I didnt get any reprimand from missing a complet school day.

Somethimes I am still amazed abotu some things that hapend at the Academy so last Tuesday when I entered a Room the door closed behind me and loked itself and it looked like a picture at the oposite side of the room was the reason for this.

When eximed the picture of this person it came clear to me that this painted person is kind of alive and wanted me to pick up a picture that was fallen to the ground

When I then hanged the other picture back to its place, a picture about some frutis in a basket, the Person in the other Picture smiled and grabed a fruit.

The very moment the Picture started to eat the door to this room unloked and opened and I fast left this room.

Wednesday to Friday I watched the Darius Court after school even with the Civil Law apear to be more interesting the Criminal Law is much easyer to understand.

Thursday, on my way back to the Academy I took a slight detour through the Forest and found a rare silphium plant to protect it I builded a smal grove around it in hope I can harvest this plant now from time to time.

Friday there was a Fire in the Kitchen and the Aprentice of the Cook was running headless around. With the Cook no where near I cast a water incatation to put it out and got a vew Merit points for my fast acting.

Yesterday when I whanted to head to the city, Philipe Marchant hit me with the spell Minor Bends bevore I could cast a Negation Spell to prevent this.

Even with the effect of this spell only holds for around 2 day for now every movement kind of hurts so I haved to change my plans for this weekend.

Now instead of going to the city I now sneaked again to the Sphinxs room and talked with here or maybe its a him?

Perhaps I can come up with a nice Idea to pay this back to Philipe when talking to the Sphinx but my Main topic this time was Enchantment because right now I think I will take Artifice class next year.

So I again spended a complet Night talking with the Sphinx, this might become a unhealty habit.


I wish you a nice Festival of the Exil next week,


Greetings your son Rainer


30. letter (14.Veranix)


Dear Parents,


thanks to the spell Philipe cast on me last weekend I was able to feign sick on monday and could sneak to the Eperors Sphinx Room again to continue our talk.

I am sure this will anger Philipe more then anything I would have done on him.

Thuesday after School I headed to the city but this time a huge bug blocked my way.

But when I whanted to ready my wand I realised the thing is made out of rubber so I simply stared it down and it was Philipe who come out of his costume.

Headshacking I left him standing and went to the city buy the supllies I need and to work at the Ironcloak's Forge.

Because the Festival of the Exile wasnt any different than how we haved it at home so I left as soon as it was posible and Spend the complet day talking to the Sphinx again.

Its simply wonderous how easy I can learn new things just from talking to this Creature if only our teacher would be half as good.

During Botany class last week I signed up to do some practicum at the Ranger Outpost this weekend because it sounded interesting and is something complet diverent to what I have done so fare.

So Friday 2 other students of the Botany class , 1 student of the Zoology class and I went to the closest Ranger Outpost.

I never thought the live as a Ranger is this harsh most of the time we where either climbing through the Mountains or Observing the Souroundings but sometimes we also haved to move silently for diverent reasons.

The 2 other Students of the Botany Class couldent keep up for long so one of the Rangers brought them back to the station. So it was only the Student of the Zoology class wo were able to follow them for the weekend.

When we made a rast on mountain stream a Leady apeared to me holding a Sword, out of a intuition I requested this sword from here and I actualy got it.

Sure it was a extra burden on a already hard trip but now also having a magical sword to my shield I think was wort it.

After The Zoology Stundet haved broken his Arm Sunday Monring we headed back and arived in the afternoon back at school.

Our first back at the academy was the infermary where I could leave after my all the wounds and brouises I got from this tour where tended or at last looked at but the other Student haved to stay ther because of his arm.


After I have sended this letter I only whant to sleep because I am now complet drained,


Greetings your son Rainer


Edit 1: Added letter 27

Edit 2 :added first part of letter 28

Edit 3 :Letter 28 finished and letter 29 started

Edit 4: Letter 29 is finished

Edit 5: Letter 30 finished

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31. letter (Fountain Days)


Dear Parents,


because the Student who broken his arm haved lost a familyheirloom on the trip I was ask to help the search team.

So Monday after lunch I headed out to search with a Ranger I didnt see so fare and when we nearly whanted to give up we found the item the other 1st year have lost.

We barely managed it back bevore the Gates to the academy where closed for the night.

Tuesday then I could barely walk beacause every bone in my body hurt.

When I then went ot our Common room during a break it was Pink instead of the usual red and I soon spot the prankster a student from the Gondia college.

After I told here that she either remove here work imedatly or I will report here she then agreed to turn the Durand common room red again.

After classes I sneaked to the Shpinx to talk about the past days with the rangers to here, in return I learned from here how to use Arithmetics to read or draw maps.

Because of a dare to escape to old stockades this saturday I talked a loot with the sphinx to come up with enough knowlege to master this dare.

It took me the complet Saturday to get through the obstacle my friend hav put up in the old stockades but I managed the dare.

So even Philipe Marchant Minor Bends spell couldent stop me because after the tour of last weekend the pain of this spell was nothing.

Maybe I will go to this place once more but next time I am sure to look that Philipe is no where near.

Sunday and the Fountain Days I spend most of my time at the Temple of Iudoca to learn a bit about Oratory and Theology and to pray for a good Harvest.


I hope you also haved good Fountain Days,


Greetings your son Rainer


32. letter (28.Veranix)


Dear Parents,


this Monday when I talked with the Sphinx again I thryed to use my new learnt Oratory skills and the Sphinx teached me more about Oratory using some famous speeches as example.

When I worked again at the Ironcloaks Forge this tuesday the master asked me if I ever have visited Bell Tower at the Academy because the clockwork of this tower sould be a real marvel or so he heared.

On wednesday I whent to city for shoping for supplys with some other students.

During the shoping one of the girls asked me if the hat she thryed is fashionable but thanks to what I have learend about court fashion when working at the Ironcloaks Forge I could suggest here something bether for here.

During this week Flore aproached me because she need my help to acomplish some greater publich mischief so she could step out of the shadow of here parents, I hope it dont ends like when I helped Tulia and nearly lost one of my friends.

The first step to help here was to get a Reporter on our side and after I found out some interesting things about him he was easy to persuade.

Because she already haved other Plans for this weekend we will continue next week with here plan.

So this weekend I then started to study the Bell Tower Interior, because of the sugestion of my Master at the Ironcloak Forge, beside learning a loot about clockworks I also found a hiden door.

When I touched this secred door to open it I realised that I was stuck when the door begane to speak that I haved to solve a ridle.

After I managed to answear to the ridle I not only was set free, no I am also now in the posseion of the famous Amulet Grit's Fang.

Somehow I expected the Bell Tower to be more interesting after the description from my Master but probably my interest in Clockworks isnt great enough to appreciate this work.


I just realised that there are only 2 Months left till the Summer break so I sould start to make sure that I will get good grades at the exams.


Greetings your son Rainer


33. letter (7.Anedius)


Dear Parents,


this monday when I walked through the gardens of the Academy all of the suden some kind of Sunflower started to grow with enorm speed.

When its growth ended it was higher then any Tree I have seen so fare!

Ot of Curiosity I climed up and discovered a Airship toward the upper end of this plant.

From the Captain of the Airship just lought at my curiosity and gave my a slowfall potion that I could get save back to the ground.

Like I did in the last weeks this week I also spend some time talking to the sphinx about what I did the last weekend.

Wednesday on Patrol duty a Professor sneaked around to test me because I found him very fast I got some extra Merits for my College.

For Flore's mischief we, bether sayed she, came up with the idea of a Itchleaf infestation.

So Friday we gatered some fertilizer from the Stables and used tem to improve the growth of the Itchleafs.

After we did this we soon heared the groundskeepers requesting reinforcements.

Because this isnt enough for our plan we trained simmultan casting of a growing revisionspell so the plants have a increased growth for 1-2 days.

Sunday we finaly could plant the super grow Itchleafs to some spots in the outside.

Soon the where panik on the gardeners and the reporter who works on our side started with his article that also haved a exclusive interview with the prankster wo managed to do this all, Flore Yveuillet.

I hope she is happy with here new fame as a Prankster and here problems from this dont get to big.


For me now realy the time begins to work towards the exams,


Greetings your son Rainer


34. letter (14.Anedius)


Dear Parents,


as told in my last letter I whanted to start learning for the final exams but now I got in to the Hand of a blackmailer with no apearently way out so fare.

So I spend this week in doing the 2 tasks I am forced to do.

The first Task was simply because I only haved to check out something in a Tempel and with the knowledge I build by now about Religion it wasnt that hard to get the access.

But the other Task was much more difficult because I haved to "lend" a book from a privat library and for this task I learned a interesting glamour spell.

After I aquired the book I tryed to translate it first but the topics in this book sadly where beyond me so I I brought it to the place where the blackmailer told me.

Sadly I still didnt see him bacause he used magic that is beyond my skills for communicating with me but at last I got a nice Fire Incanation Spell as a reward for doing his bidding.

I fear that at some point in the future the blackmailer will turn again to me but at last from what he told me this was it ... for now.

At last I managed to building the parade float for my familiar and me so we could join the Parade at The Diakopi.

Because I missed now a nearly complet week of learning, so the only chance I now see is to talk with the sphinx to refresh my Memory about the learned and hope I pick the right topics.

Saturday when I haved to go to the city for new supplys I decided to thake a break from taliking with the sphinx and instead work once more in the Ironcloak Forge to keep my 14 day rhytm.

Thanks to the Help of the Sphinx I think I could do this break because we allready manage to go through most of the difficult class Artihmetic.

Sunday I then again thryed to refresh my Memory about the past year classes with the sphinx.


Bevore I forget it could you please arange a practica for to summer break for me at one of the great craftsman you know, preferable one who use magic for his craft?


Greetings your son Rainer


35. letter (21.Anedius) (Thuesday isnt realy a event instead its was just a nice continuation to pack in 2x Escape the Old Stockades :lol: )


Dear Parents,


Monday a Aranza Student got his Printing press and all his research notes destroyed and even got put under a glamour so he couldent tell what hapened.

I fast discovered the weakness of the spell because he still could say whats not happened. So I learned that some 3. year have stolen the answaers to the exam.

I told this to the Regend of the Aranza College but he only told me that without any evidence and names he could'nt take action.

The next day when I awakened I found my selfe on the floor of a very dusty room I never seen bevore. I remember for sure going to my bed in the Academy last night.

When looking around I saw my equipment lying next to me so I canged clothings and checked the room out.

The door to the room was locked and the only light on this room came from some cracks in the wall

Because I couldent hear noices from the other side I silently opened the door with the help of my magic.

Steping outside to the floor it became clear to me that I am at The Old Stockades!

I still took me a vew hours to finaly leave this building and when I reported to the Headmaster about what hapened to me he wasnt happy to hear about it because this prank if it was one simply did go to fare.

For sure I complet missed the classes on this day but because I direct headed to the Headmaster I didnt get any reprimand for it.

If I ever find out who was resposible for this I for sure would consider them as my enemys in the future!

At last the rest of this week I was able to learn for the exams either with some friends or together with the Sphinx.


I hope I can at last learn undistrubed next 2 weeks for the exams,


Greetings your son Rainer


Edit 1: Added Letter 32

Edit 2: Added Letter 33

Edit 3: Added Letter 34 (Sorry for the short time it wasnt up after I anounced it)

Edit 4: Added Letter 35

Edit 5: Slightly modified letter 35 so its a bit bether to read.

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36. letter (28.Anedius)


Dear Parents,


if the Exams didnt come close I realy sould start to take actions against Phillipe Marchant.

At the begin of this week he and his friends forced me to help him build a Catapult but when they thryed test it with me I tricked Philipe so he was the first one to fly and I could escape.

To avoid Phillipe and because I also need some fresh supplies I headed to the city after classes next day for shoping and do some work at the Ironcloak Forge.

The pice I sould do on this day was very difficult for me because it even contained some sewing and thats not my line of work.

When the Master left for some time I then used some Magic on Ants to let them do the sewing work while I could continue the Metal work.

In the end the Customer and my Master where so happy about the resoult that I got a huge extra cash bonus.

Because I couldent dicover a clue who put me in the Old Stockades last week most of this week I spend in the Librarys researching about sleuthing.

Beside hoping that wenn I am donn with this I might know more what I still can do to find this persons but I also hope it will help my dialectic grades.

To have some brake from my Research I volunteerd to assit the Pellae this year but then all of the sudden start flow in the opposit direction so we haved to redirect the Coronation Platform but afterward we then haved a nice Fest.

Today all of the Sudden the son of our relatives, I stayed at the Iterian Fest, came to me that because he needed an Advocate and he heared I know a loot about the criminal laws so he wants me to be his Advocate.

During the talk with him he came up that he already have to apear today at the Daribus Court and that he is charged to have stolen some very expensive work of Art and the advocate he paid for got sick.

So I agreed to help him as good as I can.

Because of the short time I haved to get into this today only the opposite side present theyr evidence and withnesses but I managed to put every one that point toward my friend in doubt.

There the next meeting about this chase next week Tuesday and I hope that his orginal Advocate is fit by then again.


For a week I wanted to spend learning a loot of things hapened,


Greetings your son Rainer


37. letter (7.Kaliri)


Dear Parents,


I managed to get our relative free of the charge of theft against him!

This Tuesday the real Advocate our realtive aranged for him was healty again but still weakened so he left me to do all the work but promised to intercept if needed but he never did this.

In the end it came out that the owner of the art even payed a attestor to blame my mandant and for one other one its suspected because he changed his testimony.

Together with the testimony of people who saw my mandant at a other place to the time he sould have stolen the Art it was clear that he was to set free.

So I rightfull can say I wone my first case as a Advocate!

On my back way to the academy I was bullied from Phillipe Marchant.

Now I realy have to find a way to pay him back but first I haved to finished my preperations for the exams!

Wednesday I was invited to the Circus because of the wone chase so I hardly could say no and this break realy helped me to get new energy.

Most of this week I was researching in the Lirarys about Logic so I could push my Dialectic Skills even more.

Today your letter with Professor Cog Spring arived and after a bit of work to assemble him I now have a new Figure standing beside my bed.


Next week I have 3 exam but I think I am prepeared for them by now,


Greetings your son Rainer


38. letter (14.Kaliri)


Dear Parents,


In this weeks Exam I did great, in all 3 I was the best 1st years!

The Music Exam was on tuesday and thanks to some preperations the day bevore I managed to score 140 points leaving and the two second best only 113.

At the Geometry Exam on Thursday I scored 150 points, the second 115 and Avgust from my Clique was 3. best with 113 points!

The last Exam this week was Negation where I scroed 170 points and the second 146 points.

So my Preperations for this 2 Exams worked out well also.

To get my Mind free I helped a bit at the Backstage of the Dimmae Teather after the exam on friday was over.

Yesterday I worked once more at the Ironcloaks Forge a but when I finished the Master told me that for now he dont need my service any more bevore the summer break and that I am good enough for taking commisions on my own.

Today I spend some time investigating about Phillipe Marchant so if he ever try something on me again I have something in my hand.

After I gatered enough Material about him I then choose do some preperations for tomorrows Dialectic exam.


I wish you nice The Theneia,


Greetings your son Rainer


39. letter (21.Kaliri)


Dear Parents,


can you tell me why I spend so much time in learning Dialectic when I was the only one with a score of 100 or above?

With the 130 points I am fare ahead of the otheres because even the 2nd only managed to get 81 points.

In this Exam there where even some Students who scored below 50 what was told to me is what we haved to manage for the midterms!

One thing Is for sure our Professor Sido failed for this years Dialectic class!

This week I was able to protect a other 1st year from Phillipe and his gang and I didnt need to use the knowledge I have about him, I hope I can also stand up again him when I am his target again.

When a other Student from the Aranaz College personal thryed to blackmail me I managed to tourn the tables around so he did give up on me.

This week I finaly managed to learn for next weeks Exams nearly every day so I am confident in doing go there also.

Only Today I spend some time working at the Backstage of the Dimmae Theater because my head already started to swirling from all the learning.


There is only 1 week left bevore the summerbreak so I hope to see you soon again,


Greetings your son Rainer


40. letter (27.Kaliri)


Dear Parents,


this is my last letter bevore it will go back home for the summer break!

Either this years Students are all so lazy or Professor Valenta of the Arithmetic class is the next one who failed to teach his Students.

My scores at the Arithmetic exam was 190 points but Avgust from my Clique was the second best with only 95 points but the even bigger problem is that there are even a handfull students who scored below 50 points.

In the Bothany exam I scored again the highes points with 130 and the next to best scored 105 points.

So I realy managed to be the best in all my classes!

The Contenda was kind of strange because we where blindfolded and one haved to lift a block of ice and the other student haved to keep it from melting and the only way to not blamage you in front of all other students was to let the ice smelt to a certein point and then only use waek ice magic so it not grow to much.

So only with clever comunication with my partner we where the last all otheres used theyr strongest Icespell so that the partner couldent lift the iceblock for long.

Thursday I once more worked at the Dimmae Theater Backstage to say good by to a friend from the city.

I spend the complet friday talking to the Sphinx about Architecture when I only whanted short go in to say goodby.

Today my Friends and I spend the day visiting divernt Locations in the city to have some Fun together bevor the packing and departure tomorrow.


oh and now that the exam are behind me I can write it:

One of my tricks for good exam resoults was to cast From Nothing Knowledge because if you add the right phemes your not only learn something new, no you are also able to temporary increase you skills.

I hope to see you soon,


Greetings your son Rainer


Edit 1: Letter 37 finsished

Edit 2: Letter 38 added

Edit 3: Letter 39 added

Edit 4: The Last letter added



at last for year 1

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The Story of Rainer Schwarzbart ended today I hope you enjoined it as much as I have enjoined it to write it!

If you whant to you can now leave comments without fearing to spliting up my writing.

Because its also a loot of work to write such a RPG dont expect something like this any time soon again from me. Probably I even take a break for some time from this game (Maybe till next DLC).

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It was very interesting to read all those letters. (My own characters should be ashamed that they send so few letters home...)


It is fun to read about the events that I've seen, but also try and guess the ones that I haven't. Even more so the Adventures that I haven't, something to look forward to ;)


That said, Sido is perhaps the best and kindest teacher I've had the pleasure of studying under, the reason so many got less than 50 points must be that memory-wiping spell that flourished in the days just up to the exam... :(

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