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Win 7 patch 7 Save Freeze


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Running on my Win 7 machine for the first time. Loaded game and applied patch 7 - select content 2.

Created character and tried to save. - Right hand screen goes blank.

Wherever you click or Esc - get "ping" sound and no joy.

When killed with task manager, says it's waiting on input from me.

Did it twice in a row. No save game available, obviously, but took a screenshot.



Kept going and found I had the same problem as another poster with the right box being clipped off.

Applied the suggested fix - reset the DPI to 100%

Then tried it again, and that fixed the save problem as well.

But now, everything is too tiny!!!


Was going to delete, but decided to leave on in case anyone else had the same symptom.

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Thanks! The game is not optimized for DPI settings above 100%. Font size can be scaled up and down by using the +/- buttons on your numpad, or by using the left/right arrow keys. We will see if we can allow 125% or higher in the future, but the real solution will come in Year 2 when we revamp the UI.


Wait, I'm sorry to interject on this thread, but this doesn't seem to work. How do I font-scale the game? The font in-game seems a little too large to me, and I'd like to make it smaller so as to fit more information into the interface.

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My problem is that I was using the DPI=150% to make everything ELSE, outside the game bigger.

If I create a user that has DPI normal, and logon to that user when I run the game, then I can use the font resize if I need the in-game text bigger.


Elderly eyes are not so good but I'm not elderly enough for cataract surgery.

My laptop has a smaller, not so high res screen that's closer to my eyes, and I can see stuff on that at the regular resolution.

I'll probably just play on the laptop for now.


Just background in case you were wondering why people run with high DPI settings. And the vast majority of players here won't have this issue.

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