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Ana Flavia, the poor thing!


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It is not as playful as some of the others, but I hope it keeps to the spirit.





You are headed to the dinning room when you hear a faint weeping from the corridor you just passed. Feeling curious and perhaps a touch of empathy you move back to the corridor as quietly as you can.

You see @Ana Flavia Bessa@, the ”cursed” girl of Avila, sitting by herself. Small droplets falling from her eyes.


Do you:


Exit 1: None: Pretend nothing happened


You pretend nothing happened and continue on your merry way towards the dinning room and their fine selection of bland food and other healthy meals when...


”@Name@, is that you?”


How did she hear you sneaking? It is so unfair! You make a quick turn at the nearest corner in a desperate attempt to avoid getting caught in the next freak accident.


+1 Stress


Exit 2: Pure luck: You ARE pretty lucky, enough so to cancel out @her@ bad luck. You are safe, and in knowing that you approach her in attempt to cheer her up. At any rate it is better than the food that you were headed for.

(Luck + Pure Luck)


Exit 2 Success: You walk over to @Ana Flavia@ without any freak accidents happening. She dries her eyes as she notices you.


”Are you alright?” you ask when she finally looked up from her sleeves.


”I...” She crumbles and it takes a moment for her to regain her momentum. ”I tried to cast Mizano's Cure for the Common Cold on @Random Male Character@ now he is coughing up soap bubbles! I can't show my face in class!”


You assure her that things are not as a bad as they might seem. After a minute or two the two of you even start making fun of the whole incident. After all, who doesn't like watching soap bubbles.


+1 Reputation with Ana Flavia,

+1 Conversation SS.


Exit 2: Fail: You walk over towards Ana Flavia, who is quickly drying her eyes.


You barely make three steps towards her before you trip over your own legs. You usually never trip!


Ana Flavia looks at you, clearly unsure of what you were thinking approaching her without safety precautions - like a parachute and perhaps a life jacket.


Somehow you cannot find the words to say, and in a particularly ungraceful manner you crawl back to the main corridor and leave the girl alone. Phew! With any luck there won't be any food left either.


-1 Composure

-1 Conversation



Exit 3: Befriend: The poor girl probably set something on fire, again. She likely needs a bit of support right now.



Exit 3: Success:


You walk towards @Ana Flavia@ who is franticly trying to stop her tears.


You open your mouth to pose the age old ”Are you alright?” when your foot slips on the wet(?) floor.


You fall backwards though your bag broke the worst of the fall.


”Are you alright, you aren't hurt are you?” Ana Flavia asks, looking rather worried.


You smile at the irony of it all but reply that you are fine.


Ana helps you stand and the two of you walk back to the main corridor talking about everything and nothing. In the end you feel like you got to know her a little better.


+1 Reputation with Ana Flavia

+1 Character Study

-1 Pure Luck (temporary)


Exit 3: Fail: Right, time to aid the girl!


”Cheer up Ana!” You call and move towards the girl who is trying to hide her face from you.


You just notice a pool of goo on the floor and take a big step around it.


You manage to avoid the goo, but at what cost? As your foot hits the ground, or rather as it should hit, you notice that it is going clean through the floor.


It is only the one foot that falls through the floor – some kind of nefarious trap no doubt! - as fortune would have it that Ana manage to stop your fall.


With a helping hand you manage to get to safety and rest against the wall.


”Thank you Ana! You are not THAT cursed after all!” you say with a smill, though it quickly fades as you notice Ana Flavia's face. Perhaps it was something you said?


-1 Temperance


Exit 4: History/The Calamities: What would the great people of the past do to rectify this problem?

(Insight + History/The Calamities) (A bit unsure, I've never encountered Calamities so it seems almost unfair – entertaining though.)


Exit 4: Success: There was an event that you can think of... There are a few in truth but getting a herd of camels and seven dragon scales seems like too much of an effort.


But in this event, a few hundred years ago, a young prince got a sorceress out of her cave with a lavish meal. Now, you admit that is a bit of a stretch, as you are no prince and the only meal you have is a few sweets you saved up.


You consider it for a moment and deem that it is indeed close enough that it might actually work.


Like the prince you know better than to enter a place of danger, let the 'prize' come to you!


You call out to Ana who looks up at you.


”Do you want a sweet? I only got two left but you are welcome to one, and we can go to the cafeteria together.”


The old 'Sweets' ploy never fails. And so Ana Flavia joins you for the trip to the dinning room.


+1 Reputation

+1 The Calamities

+1 Converstation

-1 Pure Luck (Temp)


Exit 4: Fail: You search your knowledge of ancient kings and myths. But nothing comes up.


You vaguely hear Ana Flavia get up and move towards you at some point but it doesn't really register. You are reliving ancient history after all – or at least all the good bits!


Who cares about all that dull stuff that the teachers insist on teaching anyways?


You think you might finally have found a piece of relevant history for this particular problem, but to your dismay you notice that Ana has left you quite a time ago.


You were not quite sure where you would get the props to execute the plan anyways. Seven yellow-spotted Glossamber Neverbirds are not easy to come by after all, nor is a herd of camels, but it would surely have worked.


+1 Plot (Temp)

-1 Perfect timing

+1 Calamities

-1 Awareness


Exit 5: Gossip: This is wonderful! You can finally discover if it was Ana Flavia who conjured the frog that made Emilia Strolin fall from her chair.

(Charm + Gossip)


Exit 5: Sucess: ”Hello Ana!” you greet in a carefree tone. Ana slowly turns towards you and you send her a beaming smile. Ana doesn't seem to find it particularly comforting but she doesn't run off like some others...


Ana makes her way to you though she still looks a bit uncertain.


You start filling her in on some of the current news, including that Cyrus had been seen practicing his flirting on his dog!


This gets Ana smiling a bit which is you cue. You lead the conversation towards Ana's latest accident and hope that it is a juicy one.


It appears that she actually tried to cure @Random Male Character@ with Mizano's Cure for the Common Cold and it backfired horribly though, making @Random Male Character@ cough up soap bubbles in stead of just normal coughing.


It was not as good as the one with @Noemia Falcon y Paredes@ but it will do.


+2 Gossip (Temp)

-1 Pure Luck (Temp)

+1 Sleuthing

+1 Conversation


Exit 5: Fail: ”Ana!” you cry giving her a wave. You motion her to join you, something that she reluctantly does.


She joins you and you start telling of the newest gossip. Sure you did not pay too much attention on who turned who into a frog or how the teacher caught on fire, the important things are what happened after all, right?


Ana gets more and more blushed as the – rather onesided – converation continues, and before you reach the dinnerhall she mutters something about a test and hurries off before you could get her to tell you of her latest stunt!


... Come to think of it, wasn't it Ana who managed to get the teacher caught on fire?... never mind now.


-1 Temperance

-1 Pure Luck (Temp)


Exit 6: Astrology: The stars would know what the best cause is!

(Insight + Astrology)


Exit 6: Success: You pick up the always handy 'Book of Stars, Celebrities of the Cosmos, and other neat Stuff' At the last pages you find what you are looking for. The notes for last nights heaven.


In this instance the stars and planets are clear – almost a bit too clear!


The third star in The Wagon is blocked, meaning terrible danger if you push forward, there are two comets more than usual just now and this specifically tells you not to dwell on failure...


Something that certainly is good to know.


You call to Ana and start talking about the stars and how dangerous the hallway is. She seems surprised but cautiously joins you in the main hallway. You explain carefully that she shouldn't dwell on whatever had befallen her.


After that you show her some of the neat drawings you made while trying to figure out the horoscope for the day. She smiles and laughs along with you.


You get the distinct idea that she doesn't hold much faith in the astral powers, but that is alright. You know better after all.


+1 Conversation

+1 Comet

+1 Star

-1 Pure Luck

-1 Painting

+1 Reputation


Exit 6: Fail: You take a moment and consult the stars. You left your handy 'Book of Stars, Celebrities of the Cosmos, and other neat Stuff' back in your room so you'll have to wing it.


You seem to recall that there were more comets around which had something to do with... failure? Maybe?


Also something with a transport-like constellation which you can't quite recall.


Shrugging you figure that transport means movement and that the stars would want you to go to her. Mustering up your courage you go to her. Or try to, at least.


You slip in something on the floor and fall head first towards the ground. You clench your teeth together try to move your arms to take the worst of the hit and brace for impact...


Nothing comes though. You seem to have fallen strait through the floor, some sort of glamour it would seem, and you are now tumbling down an old shaft. After hitting tumbling for a bit you finally see light. An exit!


With a Whoomph you land in something. Indeed, ”something” is the most positive word for it. You are unsure what kind of plant it is but it REEKS. You get yourself out of the many vines and throw yourself into the nearby lake to take the worst of the smell.


You are wet, hungry, and pretty sure that you will have to go back to the hallway as your books didn't come down with you. Just great.


-1 Luck (Temp)

-1 Pure Luck

-1 Astrology (Temp)

-1 Stars

+1 Creativity

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I was thinking that it was more a random event than a story as such, though I can try and build on it if it sounds decent. hmmm...


Anyway it was partly inspired by your own Story of the poor girl and her curse. I quite liked it and so I figured I would do something to aid her in her distress. (Or atleast get some decent gossip!)


Initially I had intended to make a Bully choice as well, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. (Really though, the school bullies get so little love in random events, only few times I've seen it they've been tested in Brute Strength, and usually that is for the good of all...)

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