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Whene did you Finish your first complete year?


When did you Finish your first complete year?  

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  1. 1. When did you Finish your first complete year?

    • I finished my first character!
    • I finished as soon as I really learned the ropes.
    • I finished after I figured out how to get everything I wanted
    • What's this "Finish" that you talk about?
    • Other (respond below!)

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I finished with my second game as well. I had intended my first character to be an apprentice smith (Forge, Enchant, Brute Str...) but gneh...


Learned the lesson and continued to the second and stuck with him. Such a fine young man he has become! His mother would be proud had he not been the black sheep of the family... I've just sentenced him to a summer of cooking and cleaning while everyone else plays Rimbal... *sigh* Getting better scores than momma's favorite probably didn't help either!

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I've finished two playthrough and am in the third one. I play each character to the end. I don't try to game the game, unless it's told you to. Fo rinstance there's one arithmetic spells that rise your arithmetic. So the next time you cast it, you have a better chace of success, and then you can add more phemes. 28 in Theories od arithmetics (if I remember well) is just insane... but usefull to get at 9 in strength when you're an imp and want to level up your athletic fast :)


I play each character as I read a book : I always do bad decisions, but I don't save. So I live with them. I usually am a powergamer (in NWN 2 I loved to create builds), but for this game I just let my character be fleshed from events.

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