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Finished Save Folder?


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I have two games in my finished save folder (C:\Academagia The Making of Mages\Finished Saves), from last month. However, I just finished a game tonight twice (as I noticed it didn't appear there the first time), and the folder does not have either of tonight's games finished in it. The game had a few other weird irregularities (some crashing when I tried to reload, F12 wouldn't work), and the character has the same name as a character that I played before... but in any case, the save isn't flipping over to that 'finished' folder.


So, um, basically, is that folder still used? Or are the finished saves stored somewhere else now?


If the answer is 'yes', then I'll upload my game the day before ending tomorrow to see if someone can see why it's going crazy.


...Thanks, sorry for the trouble.

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