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Zoology Subskills - easy ways to unlock 'em?

Evil Midnight Lurker

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If you know the lady who teaches about Gates and she tells you about the school, she will also give you lessons that include zoology. The Sphinx will also allow you to improve your Zoology skills, but getting him to teach you about an unknown subskill takes luck.



Fortunately, I am on Eunycia's quest line. Unfortunately, I'm finding "The Beating Heart of the Swamp" amazingly difficult, and I think the apprentice training comes after that...

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Not that it's straightforward, but whenever I get 'stuck' in the game because I want to advance skills I haven't got, I always spend a weekend exploring. That often fixes the problem - or else it gives me other plans, equally exciting as the ones which motivated the exploration.


Really I generally like the explore action and the way the game's map has to be discovered by random bits and pieces.

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