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As with my last RPG I have to mention that I am not a native english speaker so if bad spelling or gramtik ovend you bether dont continue to read.

Sadly I have lost the Gamesave for this RPG so it is unfinished, sorry.


1. Letter (2. Athonos)


Beloved Parents,


2 days bevore the Academia actualy started I arived to the city of Mineta so I haved to look for a place to stay.

Sadly I spend the remaining money I have taken with me for food and a bed for the night.

During this time I encounterd a boy of the Family de Periarde and realy learned to hate him bacuase of his very strange and twisted world view!

He actual thinks he can bether the world in not eating meat but the worst is he thry to prevent others from hunting animals or eating meat!

During my stay at the city I also font a Apotecary this maybe can become usfull at some point.

Also I found Alice during my seesightings of the city and because we share the same views of the world we bacame good friends.

Juvenalia I finaly could bring my luggage to the Academagica and its realy as huge and beautifull as I have readed.

Just arived at the Academagica a other student asked for directions and as I later heared I acential pointed him to the wrong college.

There are many students who either lough at Alice or dislike me because of our famous family name.

When I put my belongings in the locker a 3th year aproached me and sayed she will be my mentor and then showed me a bit around the Academy.

Thanks to some advice of my Mentor on Monday I also was able to help a other first year to get theyr belongings from a playfull plant.

Afterward a othere studend told me about some tool that helps with the exams that he have.

I confinced him that he show me the location but after he walked a bit in circles it fastly became clear to me that he just whanted to mess with me.

When I returned to the Academy I gave sapearently the right people the tip that he have access to this some illegal study helper, that will teach him to mess with me!

Btw. thanks for the book that allows me to study some past battles its a interesting reading and as promnised at home I will keep this old family knive in honor.


Thats all for today, next week I probably will write about the classes and Professors.


Yours Quaston


2. Letter (8. Athonos)


Beloved Parents,


Last week I haved some more meetings with my Mentor where I learned a lot of usufull things and on one day we even did some training together with Alice.

Thanks to here teaching I even was able to cast my first spell in within 1. week on the academy but sadly its still unsure if I will mange to cast the spell again if I need to.

Even though I learned some basics from the lessons of Prof. Ringraeyer (Glamour) and Prof. Aventyrare (Revision) I still dont know enough to cast a spell from any of this schools.

Some other Students already can cast some Magic because they haved magic education bevore so I am curent at a bit disadavtage about this topics.

Astrology under Prof. Badcrumble is curent my favorit Class because its interesting and I already read about some Battles that was wone or lost because of the signs at the Heaven.

Even tough I love to handle animals or hunt them for food I dont like the more theroetical aproach we curent have at Prof. Pachait's zoology class.

But I realy whant to see what excusess Girars de Periarde will come up just to stay away from zoology class when whe have to dissection animals in the future.

In Music class of Prof. Chastellain so fare we only learned about the lyrics of some famouse songs.

I didnt think History could be so booring but how Prof Viada teach us about The Middle Empier it is hard to not sleep in during classes.

Saturday Ulivia Valaresso and I assisted together the Tonic Brewmaster in the infermayr and thery we came up with the idea to start The Serpentine Society.

I also learned thats it bether to avoid the food they serve in the caveteria here, a other student actualy haved to pay a visit to the infirmary afterward!

So because of this the expenses I will have are probably higher then expected.


Thats all for this week,


Yours Quaston.


3. Letter (16. Athonos)


Beloved Parents,


After my last letter I learned that the Athletic Fields of the Academagica also have a swimming pool so I whent there right on the next day after classes.

Wednesday I decided to go for walk to the city and found out that ther is a Circus with a Freak show.

Sadly the next days I didnt find the time to go to the city again because I realy whant to see this Freakshow.

Hopefull this circus is still there when I next time head for the city.

On Thursday I haved a meeting with my Mentor again where I learned some interesting things about Professors and also that there is a extrem huge Library in the acadamy.

So Friday Uliva and I haved a look around the Library of Venalicium and it looks like a good place to study for the classes.

Beside of that they even have a Restricted area where they have some books about Gates, the Magic our Ancestor where so famous in!

I will have to look for a way in so that I can have a look on my own whats this Gate Magic is all about and why it was forbiden.

Last weekend then I started to study in the Library and to maybe come up with something to get into the restricted section but so fare with no result!

Saturday the Librarian was most of here time nearby so I couldent plan anything and because of here loud shhhs I also didnt manage to realy focus on the subjects I whanted to learn here.

Sunday she was a bit more away so at last I could learn now even though I am sure she still had a eye on me.

After this weekend behind dusty books I needed some workout and so yesterday I did some Running training with other students on the Athletic Fields.


I wish you nice Workshop days,


yours Quaston.


4. Letter (23. Athonos)


Beloved Parents,


wednesday when I was in the Library I was called to the gate and to my wonder grandaunt Jermalina was there.

Aftere some talk with here where I also mentioned that History Class is kind of boring she lectured me that I sould pay more atention there especial to the History of Magic.

Bevore she left me she handed me your last letter in a evelopment and mentioned something that I sould inspect the envelope carefully when the moon shines clear and I souldent forget my knive.

Thats kind of strange so for now I will keep the evelopment stored away in my locker.

First I whanted to go to the Freak Show on the Workshop days but the other students haved other plans and because I feared it will be to full there then I did go the day bevore.

Sure it was quite a lough but I didnt like how some otheres teased them or even spit at them.

On the Workshop days I headed to the city with some others of my classes but then some members of a local Guild and some of my classmates started a fight and soon the complet fun of this event was gone for me.

Thats why I spend the rest of the day back in the Academagica studying in the Library.

Slowly I think I get a bether grasp on the theoretical part of the music class but more importand assiotating some boring text of other classes with some melodies even help me remember this texts bether.

During last weeks classes I finaly learned the my first glamour spell and after some practice I nerly can cast it sleeping in oposit to the spell my mentor teached me.

Because of my first success in glamor spells I now started to read more about glamor when I visit the Venalicium Library.

Saturday I visited the Infirmancy not only to assist the Tonic Brewmaster again no this time I also needed a healing salve to tend the vew bruises I got when I thryed a short cut.

Through my studys in the Venalicium Library I learned that there are more librarys on the ground of the Academagica.

A 1st year Student is only alowed to visit The Library of Longshade once every 8th days so I was happy that I could visit this library already yesterday so short after I learned of its exisitance.


Because the next weeks I probably mainly will focus on Learning so I am not sure when there will be enough to write a new letter,


yours Quaston.


5. Letter (4.Pramidi)


Beloved Parents,


last Tuesday I did come up to a text through my studys that is writen in a foreign language so I spend most of my free time in the linguistic section of the library.

At first it looked like its writen in Merilien so I wasted a loot of time with this asumtion because the text was realy writen in Oncestrian and in the end the text wasnt even about glamour.

Firday I blamed me in front of my class because I wasnt able to cast the spell Material Shaping we already learned all the Phemes for it.

I am sure I did the Phemes right and in the correct order but still something was missing.

Oh I didnt told you about Phemes, did I? You can view a Pheme as some kind of character and more phemes combined a spell so using this analogy a spell is a word drawn in magical characters.

Saturday when I was on a walk together with Alice I encounterd some nice squirles but after a short time I realised thats devouror squirels, thanks to the goods we already haved them in Zoology.

So we left this place rather fast.

On Sunday I only did some study in the morning because In the afternoon I payed a visit to the Arcadius tempel after I finaly learned where it is.

In the evening then my Mentor, Alice and I did go for some shophing to the city but I dont think its was such a good Idea because there where way to many people today.

So I lost sight of my Mentor and but thanks to here description where we will go Alice and I found here after a short time again.

This week I then finaly found time to study the evelopment, the one from my grandaunt, under a clear moon just to dicaver when I view the inside through my knive in the moonlight there is a map!

Today I followed the description from the map through the nearby swamp till to a point where the mist of the swamp thinkes so mach that I couldnt see even the hand in front of my eyes.

So I thryed to use a spell I have read about and the fog actualy lifted enough to see the path I followed and at a hut.

Inside the Hut lives a old women who after some talk agred to teach me a bit about ancient magic.

So thats what grandount thought was so important to actualy come here by here self some time ago.


I wonder what kind of Magic she will teach me but probably more about this in my next letter,


yours Quaston.

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6. Letter (12.Pramidi)


Beloved Parents,


because last week I lost a bet I now haved and still have to do some charity work last and also tomorrow at the baggars corner.

If it was'nt for the smell the work there wouldent be half as bad. But I am sure that I will never do such a wager again.

This Monday i was stuck again this time with my study in revision because I did again come up to a book in a language unknow to me.

The strange thing about this book is that parts of it where writen in bassan and other parts in elumian so that I didnt realy sucessed in translating it.

At last I learned a bit about this languages when thrying translating this book.

This week I learned that there is a other lirbary on the ground of the academagica this one have the name library of mantle and stars.

Maybe I will visit this library when I have to do some readings about astrology because so fare I know this is the main topic of the books there.

Yesterday Ulivia from my clique spended a day in the infarmancy because she wasnt so well.

Because I also whanted to visit here I didnt send as long in the Library as usualy.

Sadly I didnt mange to go to the hut in the swamp once more this week so I hope I manage it next week.

Tomorrow I again have to give charity at the begars corner and also somehow have to manage it to visit the Duel of my Mentor that is scheduled for this day.

Thats all for the last days,


yours Quaston.


7. Letter (19.Pramidi)


Beloved Parents,


by now I can cast 2 handfull of spells but with some of them I still have my problems.

As told in the last letter last weekend I should give some charity work but I was able to change this asignment to sunday so I also could watch the duel of the 3th years.

Somehow I expected more of a show from the duel of my Mentor but after the Dueling Circle was finaly build there was no flashy magic and the duel was over very fast.

So I haved a loot of time this saturday to learn for Revision Class.

Sunday then I worked at the begars corner and actualy learned a bit about cooking, maybe this will help me to see what things are good to eat at the cafeteria and what not so.

But that was not all, I also learned that there is Religious Magic beside the Astrologic and Gemoetric predictions. Maybe I will learn more about this at the arcadiu's temple.

When I did come back on Sunday evening a Femal student asked me if I whant to join a danicing course because they have to vew Members.

I dont get it what girls find so interesting in dancing and I also simply dont have the time for this so I decelined.

Tuesday I then prayed at the Tempel of Arcadius and learned a prayer to the old gods that actual have some effect!

The Cleric I learned this prayer from told me that on sunday he probably would have some time to teach me more.

Yesterday I managed to stop a brawl betwen 2 other 1st year just using some words from the book about battles I took with me from home.


This is all for the past 7 days,


yours Quaston.


8. Letter (27.Pramidi)


Beloved Parents,


last Sunday I spend nearly the complet day at the Tempel of Arcadius and as proised the Cleric teached me one more prayer but also a very powerfull Ritual Spell.

So Monday I then cast this Cleanse and Remake ritual and it actual worked.

The next day to remember what we learn at classes and to study was realy much easyer.

On Tuesday I did go outside for eating but in the soup was a fly that as soon the soup plate was placed ny my table begin to growth.

Even though I dont know much about Negation to casting the spell that helped me at the swamp now reversed the growth of thy fly.

Looks like in a emergency I am able to cast spells I usualy cant cast.

Thursday I finaly found the time to visit the hut at the swamp again but this time the fog lifted it self as I got close.

The old women and I talked a loot about the History of Magic on this day and now she allows me to study the books she have in here house.

From what I saw it looks like I dont need to find a way to sneak into the restricted section of the Venalicium Library anymore because I can get the answears I am looking for about our ancestors here.

Friday evening it feeled like the power I lend from the gods was leaving me so I recasted the cleanse and remake ritual.

If I have to refresh this ritual every 4. day I need to stock up my supplys soon.

Hopefull no Prof. thakes offens when I using the Durand Prayer Grove for so long.

Today bevore I writen this letter I prayed at the Temple of Iudoca and aranged for the Festival of Pixies that I will do some work there.


I wish you nice high days,


yours Quaston.


9. Letter (6.Gelamenus)


Beloved Parents,


this week I got my first detention, my mentor told me that this will hapen but still just geting detention because a Prof thinks you shouldent be at the place he found you at the time he where there also is a bad thing.

Now about the High days at the Festival of Pixies I worked most of the time at the Temple of Iudoca but still managed to play some pranks on other 1st year.

In the night then when I opened the door to my room I trigered some kind of petrification curse to my luck a other student who is good in Negation magic was nearby helped me to dispel this curse.

That was some kind of realy bad prank and when I ever find out who did this I will report him to a Proff.

For the Dance of Fool I worked in the Morning at the Circus to get some starting pices for my costume then I again worked at the Iudoca Temple to have access to sewing equipment.

All this work payed off in the evening because I got the first price of the 1. years for my costume.

Sadly I couldent stay at the party for to long because I again feeled the time draws near to cast the Cleanse and Remake riual again.

So Monday Evening I did go with some friends to a Tavern to celebrate my victory, there I also managed to help a old man to fisinsh the story he was telling.

After school on Tuesday our College took a trip to the Woods to study the animals there, sadly there were less animals then usual but still its was a nice change from the usual studys.

Wednesday when I threyd out a short cut to my room I ended up in a room with no exit and a apearently sentient wall.

At first I thought its just a bad joke from some other students but then I rembered that I have ready about this wall and after some talk with the wall I actual could left the room again and have gained a nice magic Amulet.

On Friday I haved first to help in the kitchen and then Prof. Massioti forced me to help in the Rimbal team training for my detention.

Today I helped my fellow students ot my college to arange that we can use the Avila teleskope because so we can observe what hapens it the woods without distrubing the animals.


Now, how was your high days this year?


Yours Quaston.


10. Letter (13.Gelamenus)


Beloved Parents,


Sunday when I was writing down some History infos from a book in the Library all of the sudden I realised that the text start to fanish.

First I thought its maybe the paper but then I realised its the pen where someone played a prank on me.

After knowing this I even managed to nagate the spell on the pen.

The Hunt was celebrated in the search for a Egg on the Academagia grounds sadly some one else found the egg I hope I will the one to find it next year.

In the Eveing then we haved a Satyr Band joining our fest and started playing Bewitching Satyr music.

Because I managed to convince them to play normal music I got 2 Merit points for my College.

Yesterday during Glamor Class I discovered some kind of time-trigered Spell below my table because to my calculation only vew minutes where left I told Prof. Ringraeyer about it.

We then haved to leave the classroom bevore the spell crated a real mess so we continued our class in a other room.

Today I helped to bring all Animals back to they Pens becaause we spoted a strange Black Cloud in the distance.


In around 1 Month we have midterm exam and I think I am already prepared for them only Astrology I am not so sure. Btw. how was this years The Hunt at home?


Yours Quaston.

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11. Letter (21.Gelamenus) this time I needed to rewrite the time line drastical because the Adventure took 3 steps that hapen all at the same day


Beloved Parents,


you wont belive it but thanks to my help the teacher managed to thake down the Piratship The Black Falcon last Sunday!

But from the start Sunday Morning the Ashen clouds where still there but now much closer.

After viewing through the telescop we discovered the cloud are actual Bulls out of hot ashes, with this knowledge some Cllege Members and I managed to lure the mariority of them away.

Because there where still many of this Ashen Bulls up there it became clear that something must using them to hide.

I used one of the great Eagles to go up there to she what is there only to dicover a flying Pirat ship!

Then I used my Powers to call Birds to blow away th ashes so every one could see the Flying Ship thats hiding it self in them.

Short after the Ship comes into sight the Teacher started to attack this ship with theyr spells and finaly manged to capture the complete Priate crew.

Thanks to Great Eagle I got back to ther ground unharmed knowing I managed a great deed today.

This week then I started to take some evening language classes from Prof Sido because as I haved writen I had some difficultys with texts in foreign languages.

To put my new Leanguage skills to a test Tursday I went to the Mercenary Guild house to hear about some of theyr storys of great battles.

Yesterday the I visited the women in the swamp again just to find me put on a test from here again, this time I sould handle a dangerous creature that blocks here way to here lab.

When I asked here what kind of creature it is she then let accidentally told me that it is one off here animals and so I passed this test.


Next week is the Last Feast so I wish you a nice fest because I am not sure if my next letter will arive bevore,


yours Quaston.


12. Letter (28.Gelamenus)


Beloved Parents,


because of my talks with some Mercenarys and because of my deed against the pirats I describet in the last letter I now studing battles again.

Maybe at one day I will become a Famous Commander and some books will writen about me and my deeds.

My Magic also improved a loot and some of the Spells I learned are rater usfull in every day situations i.e. when some of you cloths thorn you simply cast Wizards Tailor and its as good as new.

This weekend I finaly mastered the last test from the Woman at the swamp so she tocked me as here Aprentice.

During the last Feast I helped at the Imperial Ranger Outpost, I didnt think that working there would be this dangerous!

The Rangers even haved to save me from a Tiger so much for thrying to help them but it also was a great expirience but I am not sure if I will do it again anytime soon.

Because I haved to mask the wounds I took there to be ready for the feast I was a bit late but through some Flatery I not only managed to get in I also managed to impress the caretaker of the Acadmagica Orsi this evening.

Today morning I the finaly head to the Infermancy to get my wounds tended and then I helped the Tonic Brewmaster again when I am already be there.


How was your day of the last feast? Ohh and week I will have my first mid term exams so todays letter is maybe bit shorter then usual.


Yours Quaston.


12. Letter (28.Gelamenus)


Beloved Parents,


this weeks exam was OK but I didnt manage to be one of the best.

Also this week I started to learn a bit more serious what this woman from the swamp have to teach me.

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