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  1. We, at the discord, recently came across a fan artist on twitter who has been making fan art of the Belles. (I'll post some of his work here.) Warning, some of his work on twitter is NSFW. If possible we would appreciate a shout out to him in hopes that he will be inspired to continue his work!
  2. Our first post-interview updates will be about answering a Lore based question about the world, story, a paticular belle, etc. This thread is meant to house those recommendations in a single location. I personally recommend a question involving the Morganas but unsure of what exactly. Anyone else?
  3. Option 1
  4. Generally speaking, how bad is the list after the battle system? Is the battle system the Lion's share as I imagine?
  5. Wow, talk about overdramatic. 😄
  6. I have none. Seems more Democratic than an all or nothing approach.
  7. I agree with Ninja on that one.
  8. "Turncoat countrymen"= Americans. They turned against the British rule while Canada remained loyal.
  9. So my understanding is that it's just the aviation part that put a little delay for the battle system and there's already steps taken to take care of that issue?
  10. The artist had the comment "Waiting for Victory Belle's to be released". She's frowning since she's waiting.
  11. Option 2! Who says the ladies are the only eye candy? 😉
  12. Orion is quickly finding her way in to my fleet. Needs a bit of discipline but she has a sharp wit.
  13. Oh that reminds me: I would also like to forward the idea of Mississippi and Nagato, hostess with the mostess, East meets West
  14. Option 3, don't expect a crew to trust you if you can't keep them out of danger. If this were in Port I would be all for but this seems to be an active patrol or transit. No time to be caught without a rudder.
  15. You're right, I misread the post!
  16. Shouldn't New Orleans be a Mardi Gras Belle? It does take place in the city of her name sake.
  17. I vote for De Ruyter
  18. Option 2! People are more agreeable over food!
  19. In Prointern's interview she had a Torah though she didn't answer when Mahan asked if she considered herself Jewish. So there may be one religious soviet Belle.
  20. Sadly I can't see any use of black face coming from an American company that doesn't want to invite scandal on itself (black face has a very negative rep over here).
  21. Is a proud German Captain such as yourself, Pac, attempting to win the eternal love and devotion of communist Leningrad? I approve 😉
  22. Real good job!
  23. Hood for Bikini Belle
  24. I'll go with option one. It's an unfair playing field going in.
  25. The game is in it's own crazy world. But the main character is a relative of Rommel who doesn't know that he is related. So I would go with no or he would have known about that. Also the whole game takes place in Japan.