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  1. i smell a bad end on option 3 so i'll pick it!
  2. Spring Wind Skylark from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (i use this song mostly in the morning and specially on morning walks)
  3. im going with C! since the captain is usually passive, lets go for something amusing.
  4. @RockyArby She's adorable *thumbs up*
  5. Delusion (pls don't shoot me)
  6. i think the chance of this ship appearing in Victory Belle's is low even as an NPC but i have to ask: Will there ever be an "Ice Cream Barge" in the game in one form or another?
  7. some Wolfenstien music enjoy ^^
  8. I'm voting for Takao
  9. I think if he is properly testing the gear ahead of us it would be assured his dating "everyone". (he gets to have first dibs on everyone...... >_>)
  10. appreciate the heads up and love the board ninja specially the names included ^^
  11. [question] What stage of the development will the team/anyone be able to entertain questions about the cash shop & etc? (I'm mainly concerned on ways to buy them as I and some of us here do not have access to Credit/Debit cards or pay-pal) Edit: if this in the wrong thread i'll happily erase this.
  12. i prefer that you take your time as rushing things tend to not turn out the way you want them yo be.